Note that DocDB does not let you log out. If you have logged on with a different username/password or with your Single Sign On (SSO) it will assume that same one until you clear your login history.  If for this reason (or some other) it doesn't let you in, you can either try a different browser or:

  1. Close all DocDB sessions.
  2. Clear recent logins (yes, this will clear recent logins for other websites, too).
  3. Go to (full stop -- nothing else in URL) to get to the login page.
  4. Click "Private" to bring up the username/password prompt and enter the username and password, or click "Single Sign On" if that is what you want.


Once you're in, type the document number in the field that follows “Show DUNE-doc-#" then hit return or click Show. ​

Confused about SSO versus username/password access? Click here for a short presentation​.