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Roles involved in the following processes

Contractor - the external individual who needs a FNAL ID and potentially a computer account

FNAL Point of Contact (POC) - individual with whom the sub-contractor will work. This person makes sure the following processes complete.
FNAL Badging Office - individual who enters ID application into FermiWorks

LBNF Admin (Mary-Ellyn McCollum) - individual who will move the completed form through the system
LBNF Authorizing Person (Elaine McCluskey)individual associated with LBNF who can approve the application

LBNF ITNA Person (Mike Andrews) - is responsible for ITNAs for the sub-contractors

When Will You Need a FNAL ID or a SURF ID Access Badge?

See the table below to understand which ID card you will need.  You may need both FNAL ID Card and SURF ID Access Badge .

​FNAL ID Number
​SURF ID Access Badge
​Working for LBNF remotely (NOT on site at FNAL or SURF)
​Working for LBNF on site at FNAL
​Working for LBNF on site at SURF


When Will You Need a FNAL Computing Account?


If you will need access to the LBNF Project SharePoint area, you will need FNAL computer accounts. That is in addition to the badges you need from the above table. Your FNAL Contact Person should know this information.


How to Get an FNAL ID Number for Remote Access

  1. FNAL Point of Contact:  Email ID Card Application to Contractor requesting they complete Section II. Remind Contractor each question must be answered, or it will be returned for completion.
  2. Contractor: Email completed ID Card Application to FNAL POC.  
  3. FNAL POC:  Review information received from Contractor.  Be certain U.S. Immigration Status is complete and Emergency Contact Information is listed.  All questions must be answered.
  4. FNAL POC:  Complete Section I and email completed form to the LBNF Administrator.
  5. LBNF Admin:  Fill out the Authorized Guest/Contractor Request form in ServiceNow. Select the appropriate affiliation / lab organization and approver prior to submitting the form in SNOW.
  6. FNAL Badging Office:  Enters information from ID Card Application into FermiWorks. 
    1. If sub-contractor is not a United States Citizen Badging Office will request Export Control Verification and submits to the Foreign Visit and Assignments Specialist.
  7. FNAL Badging Office:  Notifies POC that information is entered in FermiWorks and approved for access.  Also notifies SDSTA
  8. FNAL Badging Office:  Notifies LBNF Project Administrator of the ID Badge#, which is logged on a spreadsheet.

How to Get a FNAL ID Card

  1. Contractor/FNAL Contact Person: Complete the process to Get a FNAL ID Number.
  2. Contractor: Go to the FNAL Key/ID Office (Wilson Hall, Ground Floor) to pick up your FNAL ID card.

How to Get FNAL Computer Accounts

  1. If Computer Account is required, complete Request for Renewal of Fermilab User/Visitor ID and/or Computer Accounts form.

How to Get a SURF ID Access Badge

Contractors and Visitors should do the following -

  1. Follow the procedure to Get an FNAL ID Number or ID Card (on this page).
  2. Ask your sponsor to complete a SURF Access Request Form.
  3. Review Visitor information on the Sanford Lab website prior to arriving at the lab.
  4. Take the required training when notified (your sponsor will contact you).
  5. Check in at the Yates Admin Building Front Desk and collect your SURF Access Badge after training is completed.