​​On this page:

  • Reasons to get a certificate
  • Got the right kind of certificate?
  • How to get a CILogon certificate
  • How to load it in your browser
  • How to get DocDB to recognize it (apply for access)
  • How to access DocDB once your certificate is set up properly

INSTRUCTIONS (did you read ADVICE? -->):

(You need to do all the steps listed below for this to work.)

How to get a CILogon certificate

Generating or Renewing a certificate

  • Point your browser at https://cilogon.org
  • Look through the list of supported Identity Providers
  • If your institution is in that list
    • Select it and click the 'Log On' button.  
    • Continue with the instructions in 'Generating and Downloading your certificate'
  • If your institution is not on that list, and you have accounts at Fermilab, 
    • Select 'Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory' and click the 'Log On' button. 
    • Enter your Services username and password and click the Login button
    • Continue with the instructions in 'Generating and Downloading your certificate'
  • if you do not have accounts at Fermi and your institution is not in the list and you are a part of LBNF or DUNE
    • you will need to obtain accounts at Fermi before proceeding with the instructions on this page.
    • you can go here to find instructions on getting accounts.

Generating and Downloading your certificate

  • Enter a Password to protect your to be generated certificate
  • Click “Get New Certificate”
  • Click the 'Click Here To Download Your Certificate' button
  • Save it to your computer. Make a note of where you save it. You will need to upload this file to your browser.

How to load the certificate into your browser

  • On a MAC using Safari
    • Click on the certificate that has been downloaded (check the downloads folder)
    • This will add it to your keychain for use with Safari
  • On a MAC using Firefox
    • Open preferences on the Firefox Menu Bar
    • Select the 'Advanced' icon at the top and the 'Certificates' tab
    • Click the 'View Certificates' button
    • Click the 'Your Certificates' tab
    • ​Click 'Import' at the bottom and follow the instructions to import your certificate
  • On a Windows Machine with IE
    • Double click on the saved certificate file
    • Select 'Next' on the wizard
    • Select 'Next' on the wizard (again)
    • Enter the password you entered for the certificate
    • Keep the default options
    • Select 'Next' on the wizard (again)
    • Keep the default options
    • Select 'Next' on the wizard (once again)
    • Select 'Finish' on the wizard
  • On a Windows Machine with Firefox
    • Select  'Options​​' 
    • Under Security​​
    • Select 'Advanced'
    • Click the 'View Certificates' button
    • Select the 'Your Certificates' tab
    • Click 'Import' at the bottom and follow the instructions to import your certificate

Applying for Access to DocDB using your certificate

  • If you are just renewing a certificate that has not already expired, you will not need to reregister with DocDB.
  • Go to http://docs.dunescience.org
  • Click 'apply for access' 
  • Then DON'T FORGET TO click on the link where it says "Visit (link) to apply for access.​" Select the appropriate certificate from the popup list (some people have multiple certs).
    • ​This step may take up to a day to complete after applying for access as it needs manual approval.

Accessing DocDB once you have certificate access 

  • ​Go to http://docs.dunescience.org
  • click on ‘Certificate Version of DUNE DocDB’
  • if prompted by the  browser to choose a certificate to use, choose the same one you used to apply for access


Reasons to get a certificate

It's easy and you only have to think about it once a year!

  • CILogon provides a free, year-long certificate that you can load into your browser and use for accessing the DUNE DocDb.
  • All DUNE collaborators are eligible for a CILogon certificate.
  • When accessing DocDB using a certificate, you will be able to access all the documents that you have permissions to access with no username/password entry required.

You may need a certificate...

  • If you are going to need to sign documents, as part of the document approval process you will need to access DocDB using a certificate.

Got the right kind of certificate?

Just get a CILogon certificate and be done with it. Other kinds may give errors...

  • DocDB only accepts a few flavors of certificate, e.g., CILogon, CERN, eduroam, OSG (list subject to change). 
  • If you have any valid certificates in your keychain that are incompatible with DocDB, then DocDB may respond with "You have a valid certificate..." followed by "You didn't present a certificate..." What it means is that you don't have a certificate that is both valid and compatible with DocDB. Just get a CILogon certificate.
  • The CILogon certificate discussed below cannot be used to digitally sign email