1. Add your name to the list below for the book you want to read. This adds you to the list.
    • Click the new item button below.
    • Fill in your Name and email.  Do not fill in the Status column.
    • Select the book you want to read.
  2. You will be notified when it is your turn to get the book.
  3. When you are done reading, change your list item so the Status column is Done.
    • Click on the icon in front of the line with your name in the Name column.
    • Change the Status column to Done (you won't be able to see this column on this page)
  4. Give the book to the next person in line.

There are no items to show in this view of the "Book Reservations" list.


How to Access the digital version of a book (assuming it is in the Fermilab Library)


  • Fermilab accounts
  • If you are accessing the digital copy from offsite
    • VPN
    • Remote Desktop
    • An account on the terminal server at Fermilab
  • contact lbnf-communication if you need help on this.

What you need to do

  • go to
  • Click Search Digital Collection green button text
  • Click ‘Sign In’ at the very top towards the right
  • Click 'Create a new Account’
  • Fill in all the fields
  • Now you can go to the Search field, search for 'Tunnel Visions’
  • For the Book item that returns, click on the Download or the PDF Full text buttons to get the online version.
    • PDF will open in your browser.
    • if you want a downloaded copy,  the Download will be a checkout for 28 days and you will have a copy on your computer.
    • if you have a Mac you will have to install the free Adobe Digital Editions to read this file -
      • you will need to be able to login as admin to install the software
      • when you try to open the downloaded file from the Fermilab Library, it will ask you to login to authorize your computer to open the file.  you can click the button in the lower left hand corner to not authorize and still gain access to the book in the file.
    • if you have a windows computer you may have to open a service desk ticket to get the free adobe digital editions installed, if you have an admin account on your local machine, you can probably do this without a ticket. if you go to there will be a link for download.