What I Did
 DUNEDUNE TutorialsDUNE Computing Consortium

Coordinate/give/maintain software & computing tutorial sessions that take place at DUNE collaboration meetings.

tutorial list

 DUNECollaborative Tools Head - maintain tools area in DUNE wikiDUNE Computing Consortium

​Maintained the wiki site for the tools.

(also see here)

On a weekly basis, answer a multitude of questions on all the tools from across the collaboration including getting access, how to use the tool, helping configure, writing wiki pages.

 DUNECollaborative Tools Head - answer DUNE-Support group ticketsDUNE Computing Consortium

​Answer ServiceNow tickets assigned to DUNE Support group. Answer all general questions on the collaborative tools in use.

I am the manager of the DUNE Support SNOW group. DUNE will often ask me about additional tools.  For example, I assisted Steve Kettell when he was investigating a tool for the APB.

 DUNECollaborative Tools Head - general tool consistencyDUNE Computing Consortium (M. Hronek)Anne Heavey

​Maintain consistency across all DUNE collaborative tools.

I try to keep the various tools DUNE uses consistent with each other.  For example, use the internal.dunescience.org url as the base url for all DUNE websites that need a login.  Keep group logins for DUNE websites consistent wrt username and password.

 LBNFSharepoint Power UserAmanda WehrliAnne Heavey

​Administer the sites, create requested workflows, create/modify sites, help create designs from use cases and requirements, instruct others in doing what they need to do.

 LBNF, DUNESetup large LBNF/DUNE Directorate/DOE/Other review sitesAnne HeaveyAmanda Wehrli

​Create site, add agenda, documentation, ensure all is accesible to reviewers. Coordinate with OPSS to make sure their site and ours are consistent.

 LBNF, DUNEOnboard new LBNF and DUNE Project membersAnne HeaveyAmanda Wehrli

Introduce a new team member to all the online tools and infrastructure LBNF/DUNE uses.

 LBNFLBNF/DUNE photo/video archive projectAnne HeaveyAmanda Wehrli

​Provided technical advice to project manager. Start designing a stripped down solution in O365 online.

 LBNFTeamBinder AdministratorAmanda WehrliColton Clark

​Assist Amanda in administering TeamBinder.

 LBNFTechnical computing advice

​This was often surrounding higher level questions like what is available to accomplish a specific task, or how can the current tools be used to satisfy new requirements…

This often leads to new tools being identified and developed.

 LBNF, DUNEDUNE/LBNF/Computing Working Group

​Member of group investigating networking needs in South Dakota. Worked with Ray Pasetes from CCD.

This group is advising the networking folks on networking needs for both the Fermilab employees out at SURF and what the experiment will need. Provide knowledge about DUNE, who to talk to to find out info for both DUNE and LBNF.

 LBNFfBCR Change Control Tool adminAmanda WehrliChristine Michaelis

​Help Administer the fBCR tool, maintain list of requested upgrades, ensure consistency amongst the requests, perform user acceptance testing for new releases.

The tool is in production, there is not much to do here but help when there are issues or a new feature is being requested. 

 DUNEDUNE Slack TeamMaxine HronekKate Scholberg, Alex Himmel

​Administrator for the DUNE slack team.

Send invites to the team, answer questions addressed to me.

Maxine handles billing.

 LBNF, DUNEApprove/Manage Mailing listsAmanda WehrliAnne Heavey

​Maintain/approve LBNF/DUNE mailing lists. Add new lists to the sharepoint list of lists.

All requests for mailing lists are first sent to me by the service desk. I insure the name fits with the naming convention and the list is not a duplicate.  I am a co-owner of all mailing lists for DUNE/LBNF.  I respond to questions from the other coowners.  I do not approve members to lists. The naming convention is -
    - starts with 'dune-' or 'lbnf-'
    - uses the terminology other existing mailing lists use when referring to a part of DUNE.  i.e. Far Detector is FD. if i am rejecting a mailing list i talk to the person who made the request telling them to resubmit with a new name.

 LBNF, DUNEGeneral computing based questionsService desk tickets

​Answer the whole gambit of questions on computing at Fermilab, etc.

 LBNFConsult with directorate on LBNC sharepoint siteAnne HeaveyAmanda Wehrli

​Helped them design and implement a sharepoint site for LBNC meetings

This is mostly done but they should have someone they can talk to about issues or improvements.

 LBNF, DUNEDUNE DocDB adminAnne HeaveyAmanda Wehrli

​Assist Anne maintain and support LBNF/DUNE's DocDB instance. This includes approving certificate access.

Helped people get certs and helped diagnose issues with certs. Helped with all other support issues.  Maintained awareness of when DocDB would be down for maintenance to make sure this was not during or right before a review.

 LBNFLBNF Project DirectoryAmanda WehrliAnne Heavey

​Project has completed, but I have a sharepoint alert on the directory to be informed of changes in order to insure items are consistent.

 DUNEDUNE Collaboration DatabaseAmanda WehrliMaxine Hronek

​Ran project to create the collaboration DB. With Amanda, maintain requirements list, requests for updates etc. Make sure work on this is addressed.

Going forward most of the work will be maintaining the remaining requirements, prioritizing them, making servicenow request for their implementation and working with Margherita on this.

 DUNEDUNE Approved Plots developer/support

​Adapted the NOvA Blessed Plots python scripts to use for DUNE.  Support the software as needed. (it is in Redmine)

The software is stable but sometimes experiences issues, most likely when DocDB changes.

Worked with Ryan Patterson on this.

 DUNENew DUNE accounts at FermiAnne HeaveyAmanda Wehrli

​When a person gets DUNE affiliation accounts at Fermi I check if they are in the collaboration DB.  If yes, I add them as an editor to the DUNE wiki. Also, if yes and if their password  in the collaboration DB is blank, I reset their username in the collaboration DB to be the username in the email. Then I enable them to access the DUNE wiki using the management console.

 LBNFHelp PIP-II with sharepointKimberly MylesTraci Langford

​PIP-II is interested in having review sites that are similar to LBNF review sites.  I am helping them set this up.  They may have questions/need assistance in the future.

 LBNF, DUNELogistics Project

​Help determine requirements and use cases for the software that will be used for inventory management at the far site.  Be part of assessing software products.

I am working with Ladia Jakubec on this.

 LBNFMember of Computing Change Advisory Board for major computing related changes

​Kept awareness of changes that could impact LBNF or DUNE.  Communicated this to LBNF/DUNE and made sure they were not adversely affected. Asked for the change window to be moved if it impacted LBNF/DUNE activities.

Need to have knowledge of CS services and what LBNF/DUNE use.

 LBNFApprove LBNF computing account requests Anne HeaveyAmanda Wehrli

​I approve external requests for FNAL computing accounts for people affiliated with LBNF.

I get an email, check with the Fermi contact if I need to and then approve or reject the request.  Sometimes I receive requests for LBNF where the person should have chosen DUNE.  I contact the person and ask them to resubmit their request, and I reject the current one.  Usually this type of request comes from a postdoc or grad student.

 DUNEApprove requests for changes in allocation for DUNE on FermiGrid

​I get an email asking to approe any changes in quota. 

I am not sure where I am listed that has me in this role. Maybe my liaison role.

 DUNEDUNE LiaisonOther DUNE Liaisons

Review open DUNE tickets every week and help keep them moving.

Maintain awareness of DUNE's needs at CAB and other computing meetings.​ (not sure where this bit will transition to).


Review LBNF tickets and help keep them moving. Represent LBNF needs at the CAB and other computing venues.​