‚ÄčUP TO GEANT4.9.4.P03

Up to Geant4.9.4.p03, building and installation of Geant4 core package and example applications operates on gmake and relies on a collection of GNUmakefle's and related schrips.  In turn, such build system requires several environment variables to be set:

$G4SYSTEM, $G4WORKDIR, $G4LIB, $G4TMP, $G4BIN, $G4INCLUDE, $G4USE_G3TOG4, $G4VIS_BUILD_VRML_DRIVER, $G4LIB_BUILD_SHARED, and $G4INSTALL should all be defined (of this variables, $G4INSTALL is probably the "basic" one).

Since Geant4 packge often builds into shared libraries, it may also necessary to expnad $LD_LIBRARY_PATH and include a path to Geant4.

It is useful to know that up to release Geant4.9.4.p03 the toolkit is available at Fermilab in ups/upd; although there maybe some variations in versions and build options from one cluster to another. A user may check Geant4 availability on her/his cluster/machine:

     ups list -aK+ geant4

If the desired version of Geant4 is centrally available on a cluster, it is convenient to set it up:

      setup geant4 <version> [ -q <qualifier> -f <flavor> ]

Bear in mind that in most cases it is not necessary to specify the flavor, as the setup procedure will automatically pick up the right one; however, it is not uncommon that a user will have to specify the qualifier when setting up to a central build of Geant4.

Please note that once a user sets Geant4 up as shown above, all the necessary environment variables and the related packages (for example, CLHEP) will be set up automatically, i.e. the user does not need to worry about such technicalities.