Geant4 is available via ups/upd at Fermilab.

The latest available version is geant4 v4_9_6_p02.

Geant4 has many build options.  Public builds use only a basic set of options.

However, the data sets are common to everyone.  The latest data sets are always available via ups/upd.

Many of the new projects and experiments are using very specific builds of Geant4 against specific compilers.  These efforcts include LarSoft, NoVA, Mu2e, and g-2.   Even if your project is not listed, it is very likely that you have an approved version and distribution.  Please check with your software coodinator and/or project software pages for use and installation instructions.

Older versions are available in afs project space. 

if you need a version that is not available, please open a service desk ticket.