Activities related to Geant4 physics of particular interest to Fermilab experiments

Physics and Detector Simulation Group in the Scientific Computing Division is involved in monitoring and, where possible, improving aspects of Geant4 Physics of particular interest to Fermilab experiments.

Some of the group activities include:

  • Efforts related to Hadronic Physics Validation Framework
    • Periodic Validation of Geant4 Releases
    • Validation Framework Maintenance and Improvements
      • Including an effort to create a physics list level test
    • Some of the related talks and presentations:

  • Physics List related efforts

  • More direct efforts to improve Geant4 code
    • Facilitated discussions which lead to restructuring and improvement of the Muon Capture (stopping) code (included since 9.6 release)
    • Improved/corrected Muon Capture rate data/look-up and calculation of Bound Muon Decay Rate (included since 9.6.p02 release)
    • Set the talk at the 2013 Geant4 Collaboration Meeting for more details
    • Creation of NuBeam and ShieldingM physics lists (since 10.1.beta release)

  • Work on art framework based package with the goal to extend Geant4 validation efforts to add more focus on the observables important to the Intensity Frontier community
    • Some of the related talks:

In addition to or overlapping with the above activities, members of the group are involved in Geant4 related efforts which are part of the specific Fermilab experiments (see the links in the "FNAL Experiments and Projects" menu in the "navigation bar" on the left) including the neutrino ones.