Fife Notes - What we Can Learn from Each Other - October, 2015​

Article One - 

Some words about what is important. Maybe include a picture.2015-01-22 16.00.49.jpg

Followed by more words. Around 200, although some articles can be shorter or longer. 200 is just an estimate.

Article Two - And there should be words here as well. Useful words, particularly ones that describe success, and lessons learned, and how that can be applied to other experiments. But, failing that, pretty pictures are nice. 
2015-01-23 18.41.42.jpg
The success could be that I was able to take these pictures in January of last year.
Article Three - This article could be written by two people, and they could have point and counter point. Anything just so long as they don't start humming Dream Weaver. It might not even have pictures, although it could have an interest graph, I suppose.
Chart Example page navigation

Note that this chart would be too small to be of much use for someone who wanted to see it, but that would be the benefit of a web page like Wordpress over a printout. On a web page, users can click on the picture and see a full-size picture. That doesn't happen here unless I make it a ​'promoted link' which has some drawbacks. (It looks better in WordPress.)