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‚ÄčIntensity Frontier Data Handling (IFDH) usage helpful hints



"use 'ifdh cleanup'" - Use the cleanup call that gets rid of cached certificates, files pulled in with fetchInput, etc. If you use IFDH regularly, put it  in your ~/.bash_logout

"use 'ifdh cp -f '" - Make a list of files with 'ifdh ls' to get source/destination pairs instead of explicitly listing them.

"use 'export IFDH_DEBUG=1'" - When something is not working, there are lots of ways to see whats going on such as IFDH_DEBUG or other environment variables.

"finding dcache errors" - When you get an error on a copy to/from dCache on-site, see within 15 minutes to find your copy there.

"use 'export IFDH_STAGE_VIA='" - Stage output instead of copying files back. This can bog down dCache. You can set IFDH_STAGE_VIA to a conditional syntax, based on hostname.


For details, please see

- Marc Mengel & Katherine Lato