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2015-10 News from the OSG

​FIFE CVMFS Repositories Now Distributed Worldwide

There are currently 14 CVMFS repositories hosted at Fermilab that are available to the Open Science Grid​, to all sites that have an OSG installation of the cvmfs client.  There are now also five repositories -- fermilab, lsst, mu2e, nova, and uboone -- that are available to any site worldwide that has installed a standard cvmfs client from CERN or EGI in the last year.

CVMFS clients read data from Stratum 1 servers, and there are five of those worldwide in the default client configuration for the domain (see map).  Two of them -- at Fermilab and BNL -- are also used within the OSG, so all repositories are on those.  Worldwide clients could read long-distance from those, but in addition to increased latencies, due to a limitation of the cvmfs automated ordering randomly choosing 3 servers to calculate an order, sometimes those mounts will fail.


EGI has a documented process for importing repositories to the other 3 Stratum 1s.  EGI first requires that a VO be accepted by at least two EGI sites.  The Fermilab VO has been accepted by EGI, and most of the FIFE VOs are considered to be "sub-VOs" of the Fermilab VO, so if any of the others want to make their repositories available worldwide, they can be fast-tracked through the process when they request it in a GGUS ticket and say they are asking on behalf of the Fermilab VO.

- Dave Dykstra