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‚ÄčJobsub Hints

Jobsub is a FIFE user's doorway into running jobs on computational grids, clouds and other HPC clusters. Jobsub provides a simple-to-use, scalable and reliable job-submission abstraction layer for submitting scientific workflows that run on diverse computation resources. Jobsub's simplistic architecture and ease of adaptation by new and existing communities has contributed towards its success. Security is at the core of the Jobsub architecture.

Over the past several months, the Jobsub team has been working closely with the FIFE communities to define common interfaces by integrating complex grid tools and automating several mundane tasks during the job submission phase.


Since Jan 2015, users have consumed over 10 million hours of computing cycle every month using Jobsub infrastructure. These numbers are expected to grow even further as more experiments start taking data and progress further into their life cycle.

In the coming months, Jobsub will transition from using KCA to CILogon certificates for job submissions. The Jobsub team will be working with the Fermilab security team and the FIFE support group in SCD to make this transition as smooth and transparent as possible for the users.  Meanwhile
the Jobsub group will continue to make periodic releases to add useful features and fix bugs. More information about the Jobsub project,
documentation and release plans are available at with a user guide available at

- Parag A. Mhashilkar