Oct 28
art release 1.17.03
Version 1.17.03 of art has been released.  This release includes a fix for this bug: 

  • If a Run or SubRun product was declared via 'produces' and not 'put' onto the Run or SubRun object, in certain cases, a downstream process could encounter a segmentation violation.

The release notes can be found here.

The distributions available for download are here:

nu build - 1.16.01 (uses are 1.17.03)​

Oct 26
art release 1.17.02
We are pleased to announce the release of art 1.17.02.  The 1.17 release series is intended to be the last one to write Root 5 output files. The upcoming 1.18 release will contain the same set of features as this release, but it will use Root 6 to write and read files. 

art 1.17 includes some significant changes that will aid users in terms of:

  • data product management for events,
  • concatenating input files, 
  • resolving a long standing bug where users could not run art processes where the first input file contained no events
  • finer control in output file handling
  • etc.
The release notes, with the complete lists of relevant new features and bug fixes can be found here:

The distributions available for download are here:

basic build 1.17.02
nu build 1.16.00 (uses art 1.17.02)

Oct 09
art releases 1.16.00 and 1.16.02

We are pleased to announce the release of art suites 1.16.00 and 1.16.02.  

Highlighted features for 1.16.00 (Linux-supported only) include:

  • a new Results-level product, enabling physics analysis within the framework, 
  • configuration validation and description for art-provided services and modules, and as specified by users for their own modules and services,
  • enhanced flexibility in product specification, 
  • updated versions of dependent packages.

In addition to the features listed above, 1.16.02 supports OSX and Linux platforms.  It includes:

  • an updated compiler (e9 specifier - gcc v4.9.3), necessary to accommodate Xcode 6 to 7 changes,
  • better error detection for misspecified Results-level products.

The release notes with the complete lists of new features and bug fixes can be found here (1.16.00) and here (1.16.02).

The distributions are available for download here (1.16.00) and here (1.16.02).
Aug 17
art release 1.15.02

Version 1.15.02 of art​ has been released.  This version includes fixes for two bug as reported by artdaq.  One was specific only to artdaq; the other corresponded to an unexpected exception thrown when trying to resolve an ​art::ServiceHandle in the destructor of a module, a facility that is supported as of this release.  This release also allows users to specify comments in their source-file lists.  

Consult the art release notes for more details. 

art​ suite 1.15.02 can be downloaded from here​.​

Jul 13
art release 1.15.01

Version 1.15.01 of art​ has been released.  This version includes a fix to a bug that can be triggered whenever the nutools EventDisplay is used.  Consult the art release notes for more details. 

art​ suite 1.15.01 can be downloaded from here​.​

Jul 09
art release 1.15.00

Version 1.15.00 of art​ has been released.  This version includes enhancements to the configuration grammar​, as described in the fhicl-cpp release notes.

art​ suite 1.15.00 can be downloaded from here​.

Jun 25
art release 1.14.03

art​ suite 1.14.03 has been released.  This release fixes a bug that relates to the delayed reading of run and subrun products. 

For additional information please see the release notes documentation for 1.14.00 through 1.14.03​.

art​ suite 1.14.03 may be downloaded from here.
May 07
art release 1.14.01

​We are pleased to announce the release of art​ suite 1.14.01.  Highlighted features include: 

  • secondary file reading/merging, 
  • improved memory usage for art processes, 
  • extended parameter retrieval functionalities in fhiclcpp,
  • and a new plugin (module, service, etc.) generator in cetlib.

For additional information please see the release notes documentation for 1.14.01 and 1.14.00.

art​ suite 1.14.01 may be downloaded from here.
May 04
art release 1.13.02

art 1.13.02 has been released as of 2015 April 22.  Release notes are at

Oct 07
art release 1.12.02
art 1.12.02 has been released.  Release notes are at

The only change relative to art 1.12.01 is the upgrade of root to
5.34.21b due to a root bug exercised by the larsoft event display.  See


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