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Oct 26
art release 1.17.02
We are pleased to announce the release of art 1.17.02.  The 1.17 release series is intended to be the last one to write Root 5 output files. The upcoming 1.18 release will contain the same set of features as this release, but it will use Root 6 to write and read files. 

art 1.17 includes some significant changes that will aid users in terms of:

  • data product management for events,
  • concatenating input files, 
  • resolving a long standing bug where users could not run art processes where the first input file contained no events
  • finer control in output file handling
  • etc.
The release notes, with the complete lists of relevant new features and bug fixes can be found here:

The distributions available for download are here:

basic build 1.17.02
nu build 1.16.00 (uses art 1.17.02)


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