Oct 09
art releases 1.16.00 and 1.16.02

‚ÄčWe are pleased to announce the release of art suites 1.16.00 and 1.16.02.  

Highlighted features for 1.16.00 (Linux-supported only) include:

  • a new Results-level product, enabling physics analysis within the framework, 
  • configuration validation and description for art-provided services and modules, and as specified by users for their own modules and services,
  • enhanced flexibility in product specification, 
  • updated versions of dependent packages.

In addition to the features listed above, 1.16.02 supports OSX and Linux platforms.  It includes:

  • an updated compiler (e9 specifier - gcc v4.9.3), necessary to accommodate Xcode 6 to 7 changes,
  • better error detection for misspecified Results-level products.

The release notes with the complete lists of new features and bug fixes can be found here (1.16.00) and here (1.16.02).

The distributions are available for download here (1.16.00) and here (1.16.02).


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