​The art Workbook 

and accompanying documentation

can now be found at:  http://art.fnal.gov/art-workbook/​​



Where to begin?

Please subscribe to the art-users@fnal.gov list and get or offer help as you work through the exercises.

This art document suite is designed to train scientists, whether starting-out or experienced, to run art jobs on HEP data and become productive within their experiments in a relatively short time. The aim is for the scientist to (largely) self-educate without the frustrations that come with incomplete and/or piecemeal documentation.

If you are new to HEP data analysis...green_circle.svg.png skiier.jpg

Read Parts I and II (the introductory material and the Workbook) from start to finish.

If you are an HEP data analysis expert... black_diamond.svg.png

Skim Chapter 3: this is where key terms and concepts used throughout the art document suite get defined. Skip the rest of the introductory material and jump straight into running Exercise 1 of the Workbook.

If you are somewhere in between beginner and expert... blue_square.svg.png

Skim the introductory material in Part I to glean what you need, but definitely read Chapter 3 "Introduction to the art Event Processing Framework."


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