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The art Workbook

The art documentation suite includes:

  • an Introduction that is intended to set the stage for ...
  • the art Workbook, a series of standalone, self-paced exercises for learning to code within the art framework; the first few of many planned exercises are available
  • the very beginnings of a User's Guide for art

Where to begin?

Please subscribe to the list and get or offer help as you work through the exercises.

This art document suite is designed to train scientists, whether starting-out or experienced, to run art jobs on HEP data and become productive within their experiments in a relatively short time. The aim is for the scientist to (largely) self-educate without the frustrations that come with incomplete and/or piecemeal documentation.

If you are new to HEP data analysis...green_circle.svg.pngskiier.jpg

Read Parts I and II (the introductory material and the Workbook) from start to finish.

If you are an HEP data analysis expert... black_diamond.svg.png

Skim Chapter 3: this is where key terms and concepts used throughout the art document suite get defined. Skip the rest of the introductory material and jump straight into running Exercise 1 of the Workbook.

If you are somewhere in between beginner and expert... blue_square.svg.png

Skim the introductory material in Part I to glean what you need, but definitely read Chapter 3 "Introduction to the art Event Processing Framework."

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