Physics Advisory Committee


June 18-23, 2005

Aspen Colorado







We would like you to produce a written report on the state of the physics program at the Laboratory.  That report should be based on the presentations and discussions at the Aspen meeting and other background material as needed. 


Tevatron Collider Physics


You will hear brief status reports on the accelerator operations of Run II at the Tevatron and on the associated experimental program.  We would like you to consider how the physics prospects evolve with time over the duration of Run II.  It is important for the Laboratory to have a clear and up-to-date understanding of these prospects, especially in light of the anticipated charge to HEPAP and its sub-panel P5.


Please comment on the status and prospects for Run II at the Tevatron.




You will hear about the status of both operating neutrino experiments.  MiniBooNE has now received more than 5.5E20 protons on target (pot).  The NuMI/MINOS beamline and experiment are now in the first phase of operations, with about 1E19 pot.  You will also hear an update of the plans for increasing the proton intensity.  This will provide a context for discussion of the MINOS run plan, which was first submitted to the Laboratory during 2003 and which was deferred pending further progress with NuMI and better understanding of the potential.  In addition, when it recommended Stage I approval for NOvA at its April Meeting, the PAC also asked for some issues to be clarified.


Please comment on the MINOS Run Plan and the progress of NOvA since the April meeting.


Proton Driver Physics


Over the course of the past year, a group led by Steve Geer has developed the physics case for a proton driver and submitted a written report to the Director.  We will use this document in discussions about the Proton Driver with the Department of Energy.  Steve Geer will give a presentation based on the physics report and will be available to respond to questions.  The status report on Accelerator R&D at Fermilab will include a section on the proton driver.


Please comment on the evolving physics case for the proton driver and make any appropriate recommendation.


Astroparticle Physics


The natural evolution of the experimental astroparticle physics program at the Laboratory has led to some new initiatives.  We anticipate that sometime during the next year we will want to discuss the major directions for this program.


Please comment on the astroparticle physics program and make any appropriate recommendations.




The PAC will hear plans for accelerator R&D and for detector R&D associated with the ILC. One of the major changes at the laboratory is the rapid growth of the ILC accelerator effort.  The ILC detector effort, although smaller, could rapidly develop into a significant part of the program, including the test beam effort.


Please comment on the appropriateness of the plans for the ILC effort at Fermilab.


General R&D


The PAC will also hear about aspects of R&D at the Laboratory that are not directed at one of the major programs called out in this charge. 


Please comment on these smaller R&D efforts, and on whatever omissions you think should be corrected.



Future Program at the Laboratory


The outgoing Director will give a status report on the Fermilab research program and the incoming Director will give his vision for the future of the Laboratory.  These presentations should give a full view of the Laboratory and give the context for the specific projects under discussion at this meeting.


The PAC should discuss and comment on the future directions of the Laboratory and the evolution from the present.