Fermilab’s Office of Communication serves as the link between the laboratory and the local and worldwide communities.

The office handles both internal and external communication, including public relations, and provides audiovisual media support to the laboratory.

Our purpose is to plan, manage and sustain Fermilab’s relationship with key audiences, take responsibility for the laboratory’s reputation and thereby help Fermilab achieve its goals as America’s premier particle physics and accelerator laboratory.


5/3/2017 8:25 AMKatie Yurkewicz
Fermilab 50 Years - Public Presentation.pptx
5/3/2017 8:25 AMKatie Yurkewicz
5/3/2017 8:25 AMKatie Yurkewicz
5/9/2018 4:19 PMKurt Riesselmann
5/3/2017 8:24 AMKatie Yurkewicz