​​​Management System Owner Head, Facilities Engineering Services Section (FESS)

Revision and DateRevision 2.2 - September 14, 2018

1.0            Pu​​rpose

The purpose of the Property and Infrastructure Management System (PIMS) is to effectively and efficiently manage all government-owned real and personal property assets required for operations at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) in Batavia, Illinois and at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in Lead, South Dakota. The Property and Infrastructure Management System consists of a collection of policies, procedures and work instructions that are used to plan, direct, control, coordinate, assure and improve the execution of the elements of the laboratory's property management responsibilities in accordance with DOE Contract No. DE-AC02-07CH11359 (the "Contract") and relevant Department of Energy (DOE) orders and guidance.

2.0            Roles and Res​​ponsibilities

The Property and Infrastructure Management System defines and oversees a line management responsibility that starts with the Laboratory Directory and extends to the individual technical team members who participate in the Program.  The System consists of several, cross-functional business processes that must interface effectively with other management systems.  The Head, Facilities Engineering Services Section (FESS), has overall responsibility for establishing and administering the management system in support of the program.

Title Responsibilities
Laboratory Director
  • Oversee initiatives to ensure alignment of real and personal property assets to meet current and future laboratory mission.
  • Establish, through policy guidance and other communications, that property management is a necessity for effective management of the laboratory. Set expectations to operate the Property and Infrastructure Management System in accordance with industry best practices, the Contract, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Provide the resources necessary for the successful management of Lab property.
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Execute initiatives to ensure alignment of real and personal property assets to meet current and future laboratory mission.
  • Ensure Fermilab maintains a portfolio of personal and real property in a condition to support laboratory mission requirements.
  • Secure and allocate resources needed to support successful execution of the PIMS.
Office of Campus Strategy & Readiness and Division/Section/Project (D/S/P) Heads
  • Ensure execution of the requirements of the PIMS within each respective organization in accordance with established policies and procedures.
  • Provide employees with the necessary guidance, knowledge, training, and tools to plan and execute PIMS responsibilities as assigned.
Head, FESS
  • Ensure Fermilab's portfolio of real and personal property assets are managed in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.
  • Ensure the Property Management System is administered efficiently, effectively and in support of Fermilab's mission.
  • Ensure the appropriate PIMS oversight and controls are established for Fermilab real and personal property operations at SURF.
Head, Facility Management Department, FESS
  • Oversee the responsible operation, maintenance, repair and surveillance of real property in accordance with laboratory mission.
  • Develop, implement and maintain staffing levels, policies, procedures and work instructions to support real property operation, maintenance and surveillance.
Head, Engineering Department, FESS
  • ​Oversee the responsible planning, design, construction, renovation and disposition of real property in accordance with laboratory mission.
  • Develop, implement and maintain staffing levels, policies, procedures and work instructions to support real property planning, design, construction, renovation and disposition.
Head, Site Services Department, FESS
  • ​Oversee the development, maintenance, and reporting of all real property data and the coordination of data validation exercises.
  • Provide staff to serve as the internal and external point of contact for Fermilab's real property data.
  • Ensure the coordination of real property data reporting requirements with Fermilab stakeholders and data owners.
  • Support the activities of the FRA/FSO Integrated Real Property Team for SURF real estate activities.
Head, Logistics and Property Control Department, FESS
  • ​Oversee the responsible management of Fermilab personal property from acquisition support (receipt, transport) to sustainment (issuance, utilization, inventory) through disposition (loan documentation, reuse, disposal.)
  • Develop, implement and maintain staffing levels, policies, procedures and work instructions to support personal property management.
  • Develop and maintain a list of personal property procured on projects executed at SURF.
Head, Workforce Development & Resources Section
  • Support coordination and notification of personnel actions to FESS for ongoing management of custodian responsibilities.
Personal Property Custodians, all D/S/P
  • Comply with PIMS policies, procedures and work instructions to assure protection, utilization and maintenance of all government real and personal property.

Building and Structure Landlords, all D/S/P
  • Provide day-to-day support for Fermilab's real property and facility occupants to enable the execution of Fermilab's mission.
  • Annually review, validate, and update Fermilab's real property management system, Facility Infrastructure Database (FID).

Fleet Utilization Committee
  • Provide custodian-level oversight of the planning and budgeting, acquisition, sustainment, and disposition of Fermilab fleet property.
Head, South Dakota Services Division
  • Oversee development, implementation, and management of relevant real and personal property controls in accordance with Fermilab’s Property and Infrastructure Management System.

3.0            Primary Requirem​​ents

The following requirements guide the management of real and personal property in support of Fermilab mission. The Laboratory flows down these requirements to all subcontractors, including to the SURF services contract.

  • M&O Contract

      • DOE Prime Contract No. DE-AC02-07CH11359 for the Management and Operation of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)
      • Fermilab Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan (PEMP) Objective 6.2 Property
      • Fermilab Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan (PEMP) Objective 7.2 & 7.3 Facility Management
      • DOE/South Dakota Science and Technology Association (SDSTA) Lease No. 8.02.19


  • Other DOE orders, regulations, and statutes

      • 48 CFR 970.5203-1 Federal Acquisition Regulations System, Management Controls
      • 41 CFR 109 - Department of Energy Property Management Regulations
      • DOE Order 430.1C, Real Property Asset Management


  • FRA and Fermilab policies

      • Fermilab Code of Business Ethics and Conduct
      • Fermilab Personal Property Policy and Procedure Manual
      • Facility Life-Cycle Management Policy
      • Maintenance Policy
      • Construction/Modification Policy
      • Fermilab Environment, Safety and Health Manual (FESHM)
      • Property Policy


  • FRA Contract Clause Mapping to Management Systems

4.0            Management Syste​​m Description

4.1               Overview

The Property and Infrastructure Management System is responsible for the establishment, implementation and administration of policies, programs and procedures for cost-effective, risk-based and economical real and personal property management from receipt to final disposition.

4.2               Real Property

Real property management includes management of all fixed assets including land, structures, and buildings through the assets' full life cycle including asset planning and budgeting, acquisition, sustainment, and disposition. All activities are executed in support of the Fermilab mission. 

4.3               Personal Property

Personal property management includes management of personal property through the assets' full lifecycle including personal property acquisition assistance (acquisition, receipt), sustainment (storage, issuance, utilization, loans), and disposition (reuse, disposal) in support of the Fermilab mission.

Personal property management at Fermilab is conducted according to the following objectives.

4.3.1    Establish uniform principles, policies, standards and procedures for economical, risk-based (using the graded approach process) and efficient management of personal property.

4.3.2    Operate a program for managing sensitive, equipment, high-risk, precious metals and other accountable personal property.

4.3.3    Operate a program for the re-utilization and/or the timely disposition of personal property.

4.3.4   Utilize methods for continuously improving property management practices through the identification of best practices established by 'best in class' performers.

4.3.5    Use Voluntary Consensus Standards(VCS), such as ASTM International or Industry Leading Practices (ILP), to the greatest degree practical for the management of personal property.

4.3.6   Using a graded approach to risks presented by different types of personal property (accountable, capitalized, high-risk, sensitive, precious metals and administratively controlled including stockroom / stores items) includes additional controls as required.

5.0            Reports, Audits, Assessments and Re​​quired Records

5.1               Rep​​orts

The following reports are required on an annual basis, in accordance with the contract:

5.1.1     Real Property Reports

The collection of real property data is coordinated by FESS and is provided, in part, by building managers including those managers of leased space at SURF.

  • Facility Information Management System Annual Maintenance, Operating Costs & Excess Reporting
  • Property Information Database System

5.1.2    Personal Property Reports

The collection of personal property data is coordinated by FESS and is provided, in part, by property custodians including those at SURF.

  • Federal Automotive Statistical Tool
  • Consolidated Energy Data Report
  • Energy Independence and Security Act
  • Motor Vehicle Statement
  • OMB A11 Fleet Budget Information
  • Precious Metals 3-year forecast
  • Property Furnished to non-federal recipients
  • Trade-in assets
  • Local Use Objectives
  • Active Facility Data Collection System
  • Personal Property Deferred Maintenance

5.2               Audits and Assess​ments

The Real Property and Personal Property components of the Property and Infrastructure Management System are reviewed separately by the Department of Energy. 

  • PIMS is reviewed and approved by the Fermi Site Office and CH ISC every three years.
  • A Real Property FIMS Validation is conducted annually by one or more of the following: FSO, DOE CH ISC, DOE SC, DOE MA.
Additional discussions and meetings are scheduled as needed to discuss specific issues or concerns.


The laboratory does participate in ad hoc reviews by the DOE, IG, GAO, FRA, and other organizations.  The FESS Head is responsible for coordinating the responses to any findings from these reviews and audits.  All issues are posted, assigned, and tracked through iTrack.

6.0            Addition​​​al References

  • 41CFR109 for Motor Vehicle Management
  • 41CFR101
  • 36CFR60, 063, 65, 78-79, 800
  • 33CFR320-323, 328-330
  • 43CFR7
  • 49CFR
  • Federal Management Regulation Chapter 102
  • Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation  952
  • Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation  970
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation 52
  • Executive Order 13423
  • Davis Bacon Act
  • Title 77 Illinois Administrative Code
  • Title 92 Illinois Administrative Code
  • Title 17 Illinois Administrative Code
  • 105 Illinois Compiled Statutes 105
  • 225 Illinois Compiled Statutes 207
  • Public Law 93-291
  • 16 USC 470 National Historic Preservation Act
  • 25 USC 3001 Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act
  • 42 USC 6901  Solid Waste Disposal Act
  • 42 USC 6961 Application of Federal, State, and local law to Federal facilities
  • Motor Vehicle Handbook

7.0            Definitions of Acronym​​s and Terms

Acronym Definition
Accountable PropertyTangible asset that is functionally complete for its intended purpose, durable, nonexpendable and needed for the performance of the contract.  Accountable property is not intended for sale and does not ordinarily lose its identity or become a component part of another article when put into use.  Generally, equipment may have an expected useful life of at least two (2) years and a unit cost of >$10,000 but less than $500,000
Administratively Controlled PropertyPersonal Property assets for which there is no Departmental requirement for formal property records to be maintained.  There is no requirement to conduct inventories for these assets.  Identification that this property is US DOE Government Property. 
Capitalized PropertyAccountable Property with an acquisition value greater than $500,000 if received on or after 10/01/2011.  Capital Property is to be managed in accordance with the DOE Financial Management Handbook.
CFOThe Chief Financial Officer for the Laboratory.
COOThe Chief Operating Officer for the Laboratory
D/S/P HeadsThe senior managers who are responsible for each of Fermilab's major organizations (Division, Section, or Project).
DOE CH ICSthe DOE Integrated Service Center at Chicago.
DOE SCDOE Office of Science
DOE MADOE Office of Management, which manages the Real Property inventory database, Facilities Information Management System.
Excess PropertyProperty that is no longer required by its original user. Such property can be made available for general Laboratory use, or if no longer needed by the Laboratory, can be made available first to other DOE agencies, and subsequently to other Federal Agencies.
FCCFunctional Cost Code, alphanumeric codes used across the Department of Energy to report institutional costs. Each Laboratory project/task code is mapped to a Functional Cost Code. Fermilab developed a unique Functional Cost Code to capture Real Property Maintenance.
FIDThe Fermilab Infrastructure Database, Fermilab's real property database.
FIMSFacilities Information Management System, DOE's real property database.
FNALFermi National Accelerator Laboratory, also known as Fermilab.
FRAFermi Research Alliance, LLC.
FSOThe Fermi Site Office of the U.S. Department of Energy.
High Risk Personal Property (HRPP)Property identified, because of its peculiar nature, potential impact on public health and safety, on the environment, on national security interests, or on proliferation concerns is considered High Risk Equipment. Property identified as High Risk due to proliferation concerns will be considered Sensitive Items for purposes of inventory control.
MaintenanceDefined by the Department as the day to day work that is required to sustain property in a condition suitable to be used for its designated purposes, including preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance.
NEPANational Environmental Protection Act.
OHEPOffice of High Energy Physics, which is the CSO for Fermilab.
Other Accountable PropertyPersonal Property designated by the Laboratory as accountable if determined that the assets must be controlled and managed to protect against unauthorized use, disclosure or loss; or when otherwise required by law, policy, regulation or agency direction.  This property may have a high potential for loss.  The Laboratory requires a formal record be kept of custodial responsibility.  Assets that have an expected useful life of at least two (2) years and a unit cost >5,000 but less than $10,000. 
Personal PropertyProperty that is owned by the government, in custody of the Laboratory, both equipment, materials and supplies, exclusive of utilities and real property.
Precious MetalsUncommon and highly valuable metals, including gold, silver and the platinum group of metals – platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium and osmium. Property identified as Precious Metals will be considered Sensitive Assets for purposes of inventory control.
Real PropertyIncludes all land, land improvements, structures and fixtures, the utilities, fixed plant equipment and components to service the structure for its intended use.
Sensitive PropertyPersonal Property potentially dangerous to the public safety or security if stolen, lost, or misplaced, or that shall be subject to exceptional physical security protection, control and accountability. 
Stockroom / Stores ItemsOn-hand operating materials and supplies normally used or consumed, maintenance and/or general use.  This is formally controlled in the Oracle eBs Financial System.   



8.0            Extension of Management System To South Dakota

The extension of this management system to Fermilab activities and roles at SURF has been included in the appropriate sections of this document.