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(M11) Stakeholder Relations & Communications
Contractor Assurance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Management System Owner: Head of Communication

Revision and Date:​Revision 1.1 - June 21, 2018

1.0 Pur​pose

Stakeholder Relations & Communications Management System policies, procedures and processes assure that Fermilab maintains good relationships with all necessary stakeholders that promote the support of the laboratory, and that the laboratory's communications and public affairs activities are accurate and effective, meet any applicable DOE guidelines and requirements, and help the laboratory function efficiently. The system assures FRA that all measures are being taken to maintain and enhance support for the laboratory's mission as described in the FNAL prime contract.

2.0 Roles and Respo​​​​nsibilities

Title Responsibilities
Head of Communication

·     Ensures that the Stakeholder Relations & Communications Management System is in place and functioning.

·     Executes activities related to communication between the laboratory and external audiences, relations between the laboratory and the local community, and internal communication via publications and audiovisual services.

Laboratory Director

·     Has oversight for relations with all stakeholders.

·     Executes stakeholder relations strategy with Office of Science, OSTP, OMB and Congress.

Deputy Director·     Manages relations with the scientific community and the DOE Office of High Energy Physics.
Chief Laboratory Officers

·     Manage relations with their counterparts in the DOE Office of High Energy Physics and the Fermi Site Office.

·     Ensure good communication with employees in their respective sectors, and between their sectors and the rest of the laboratory.

·     Coordinates with the Office of Communication on information related to their sectors.

Head of ESH&Q·     Manages relations with USEPA, IEPA, OSHA and any agency with ES&H responsibilities.
Science Education Office Manager·     Executes activities related to public events and tour programs.

3.0 Primary Requ​​irements

M&O Contract DE-AC02-07CH11359 for the Management and Operation of the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab)

  • C.3.1.3(f)—Build a positive, supportive relationship founded on openness and trust with the community and region in which the Laboratory is located.
  • C.3.2(a)(1)—Mission Accomplishment (Quality and Productivity of R&D)
  • C.3.2(b)—Contractor Leadership/Stewardship
  • C.4.a—Work Statement
  • I.72—DEAR 952.204-75 PUBLIC AFFAIRS

Other DOE Orders and Instructions

  • DOE Order 414.1D Quality Assurance
  • DOE Order 227.1 Independent Oversight Program
  • ANSI/ASQ Z1.13-1999 Quality Guidelines for Research

FRA Contract Clause Mapping to Management Systems​

4.0 Management System Op​eration

The Stakeholder Relations & Communications Management System integrates assurance activities related to three main areas:

4.1               Stakeholder Relations​

This segment of the Management System identifies all stakeholders that can affect the programs and projects of the laboratory and prioritizes them according to benefit and risk. It defines stakeholders' expectations and plans a strategy that responds to th​ose expectations. It ensures continuous stakeholder management through formal and informal interactions that carry out the defined strategy for stakeholder relations. The strategy uses tailored, risk-based interaction with primary stakeholders, including the DOE Office of Science and Office of High Energy Physics; the scientific community; OMB, OSTP and Congress; the local community; the business and industrial communities; IEPA, USEPA, international partners, and internal stakeholders. The Laboratory Director provides oversight of stakeholder management and ensures that appropriate levels of the organization are delivering on their responsibilities.  Issues and anomalies are discussed at the weekly senior management meeting and remedied. The system relies on frequent feedback on developing issues so that any potential problem with a stakeholder can be remedied before it has an opportunity to have a negative impact on the relationship. The current list of stakeholders, their evaluated benefit/risk to the laboratory, their expectations and response, the management strategy and responsible persons is referenced in Section 6.0.

Supporting processes

4.1.1           Community Advisory Board meetings, including feedback received from members

4.1.2           Occasional surveys of local and regional community members (last survey was in 2000)

4.1.3           Community feedback received via Q&A on community website

4.1.4           Training and evaluation of public tour guides

4.1.5           Self-assessments following large public events

4.2               Publications and External Medi​​​a

This segment of the Management System includes activities that disseminate information about Laboratory activities and programs to the public, including the local community, and to the news media via print and electronic publications, public speaking and press releases and interviews. The Head of Communication provides oversight for these activities.

Supporting processes

4.2.1           Editorial processes for print and electronic publications

4.2.2           Procedures for press releases

4.2.3           Procedures for weekly reporting of media activities to DOE

4.2.4           Periodic self-assessments of individual activities (at most yearly)

4.2.5           Regularly scheduled in-person and phone meetings with DOE Chicago Office communication contact; DOE HQ and Office of Science Public Affairs personnel

4.2.6           Guidelines and editorial workflows for public information websites

4.3               Internal Commu​​nication

This segment covers activities related to communication within the laboratory community. The Head of Communication provides oversight for lab-wide internal communication efforts, including support activities such as audiovisual and printing services. Chief Laboratory Officers and their deputies provide oversight for internal communication activities within their organizations. The Head of Communication and Chief Laboratory Officers are responsible for the development and implementation of activities that assure that their internal communication procedures are timely, accurate, and effective.

Supporting processes

4.3.1           Employee Advisory Group meetings and feedback received via EAG website

4.3.2           Employee Concerns program

4.3.3           Procedures for publication of internal electronic newsletter, electronic and print communication to employees

4.3.4           Employee feedback received via multiple Q&As on internal websites

4.3.5           Procedures for duplicating

4.4               Management System Int​​egration

Stakeholder Relations & Communication Management System processes interface with the processes of other management systems through regular face-to-face meetings among the relevant system owners, including weekly senior management meetings, weekly Lab Status meetings and biweekly Assurance Council meetings.

5.0​ Reports, Audits/Assessments and Re​​quired Records

  • FRA Board of Directors reviews of stakeholder management (Frequency: Periodic)
  • Internal Audits of Office of Communication (Frequency: Every 5-7 years)
  • Peer Reviews of Communication (Frequency: Periodic; last review took place in 2002, next one planned for 2014)

Documents available on request

6.0 Additional Referen​​ces

FRA Contract Requirements

  • I.92 (PRINTING)
  • J.B.7.2 (PEMP: Provide Planning for and Acquire the Facilities and Infrastructure Required to Support Future Laboratory Programs)

Other References

7.0 Definitions o​​f Acronyms and Terms


8.0            Extension of Management System To South Dakota

This section formally captures the extension of this management system to Fermilab activities and roles at SURF. 

  • Stakeholder Relations & Communications at SDSD follow Fermilab Policies
  • The Fermilab Office of Communication Deputy Head is the primary point for media contact for the LBNF Project and SDSD
  • Fermilab and SDSTA have established a joint protocol for stakeholder relations & communications​
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