CMS simulated event using Geant4                                 Beam simulation using Synergia                            

The mission of the Scientific Computing Simulations (SCS) Department is to develop and support simulation software tools and applications for the experiments and projects associated with the Fermilab scientific program.

The department consists of the Accelerator Simulation (AS), and the Physics and Detector Simulation (PDS) groups. We develop and support accelerator simulation packages such as Synergia, detector simulation toolkits like Geant4, and physics event generators such as Pythia (colliders), and GENIE (neutrinos). We also perform R&D work to test and eventually re-engineer some of these tools to exploit the benefits of modern coprocessor computer hardware architectures.

Contact us:

V. Daniel Elvira - Department Head, email:, phone: +1 (630) 840-3604