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EVMS Documentation

​​​​​​EVMS Certified System Documents

OPSS Guidance



Desktop Instructions


FRA Earned Value Management Description

Initial EVMS Certification Letter (2010)

Latest EVMS Certification Letter (2016)

EVM Processes Using Flow Diagrams and Visuals
12.PM-001 Project WBS, OBS, RAM  
12.PM-002 Control Accounts, Work Packages, Planning Packages

12.PM-002.DT-01 - Closing a Control Account

12.PM-002.DT-02 - Sale of Special Process Spares

12.PM-003 Work Authorization  
12.PM-004 Project Scheduling

12.PM-004.DT-01 - Guidelines for Developing a Schedule

12.PM-004.DT-03 - Guidelines for Milestones

12.PM-004.DT-04 - Guidelines for PMT

12.PM-004.DT-05 - Guidelines for Schedule Review Checklist

12.PM-005 Cost Estimating

12.PM-005.DT-01 - Risk Analysis

12.PM-005.DT-02 - Supplement to the Cost Estimating Procedure

12.PM-006 Monthly Status Reporting

12.PM-006.DT-06 - Guidelines for Preparing a Variance Analysis Report

12.PM-006.DT-07 - Guidelines for Understanding and Using a Schedule

12.PM-006.DT-08 - Cobra Reports

12.PM-007 Change Control

12.PM-007.DT-03 - Guidelines for Rate Changes

12.PM-007.DT-04 - Contingency MR & UB

12.PM-007.DT-05 - Guidelines for Baseline Change Request

12.PM-008 EVMS Surveillance and Maintenance 
  Archived Documents

Other Procedures:

Fermilab Risk Management Procedure for Projects

Labor Charging Practices for Scientists (from Finance Policy Manual)​

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