Training Documents


Earned Value Management (EVM) Training - Process, Required Participation, and Classes

Who should take it?

This training should be taken by Project Directors, Project Managers, Deputy Project Managers, Control Account Managers (CAMs), L2s, and Project Control Specialists to learn the various aspects of Earned Value Management for Projects.


What is the training, and how often is it required?

1.  There are five 3-hour training sessions that need to be taken initially.  These sessions have been recorded and can be accomplished at the employees' convenience.  They are:

Course 1 - Introduction to Earned Value Management (EVM)

Objectives: Learn how the essential elements of the EVMS guidelines are to be implemented on major projects. This course will provide the student with opportunities to work problems that reinforce the basic EVMS concepts.

Contents: Learn why EVMS is used, where to find Fermilab's Certified EVMS description and procedures, and descriptions of the tools used. Compare EVMS to traditional project management methods. Learn EVMS terminology, examples of EVMS application and metrics, as well as roles and responsibilities of the project team members. See an overview of the steps used to develop a project's cost and schedule using EVMS and what is involved in managing and EVMS reporting for the project. See examples of EVMS documentation.

Course 2 - Developing a Schedule and Estimate

Objectives:  Learn the process for implementing the cost estimating, planning, and scheduling procedures for EVMS.

Contents:  Learn about developing project cost estimates and resource loaded schedules.  Discover the documentation required for managing the project within the EVMS framework.  Recognize the schedule elements, estimate uncertainty, bases of estimates, risk registers and the tools used for EVMS. Identify roles and responsibilities for project managers, control account managers (CAMs), project controls and other members of the project team.


Course 3 - Monthly Status and Reporting

Objectives:  Learn the process for project monthly status and reporting using EVMS.

Contents:  Learn the methods for status and reporting with P6, Cobra and the CAM eToolbox. See examples of reports used for analyzing and reporting critical/near critical path and cost and schedule variances. Learn about forecasting future work and the associated cost impacts/savings.


Course 4 - Monitor and Control – EAC and Change Control

Objectives:  Learn the processes for change control and determining/reporting  EAC (Estimate at Completion).

Contents:  Above.


Course 5 - Change Control and CAM eNotebook, Accruals and Burden Costs

Objectives:  Learn about accruals and lab burden costs. Hands on training using the fBCR tool for change control and the CAM eToolbox for access to project data via reports, charts and drill down capabilities.

Contents:  Due to the hands on nature of the fBCR and CAM eToolbox training, this course must be taken in a live session.


2.  There is an Annual EVMS Refresh Training that should be completed in-person by all above listed employees once a year.  Training will be offered by an OPSS trainer 2X/year, usually in March and August.  The session is between 1 - 3 hours duration, depending on need.  For more information about Annual Training, please contact Lisa Temple at ext 2228 or


3.  The project's Project Control Specialist should hold an in-person 1-hour training for their specific project teams as needed.  This training includes hands-on use of tools, such as eCAM Toolbox and fBCR.


Where can the training be found?

We are working to put the recorded trainings and sign up for the Annual Refresher in employees' ITNAs.  The recorded trainings can be completed online, and the Annual Refresher will be in-person.  The recorded trainings are also housed in the OPSS docdb training container, by subject (links are provided above).  PCS training for individual project teams, is handled as requested/needed.