Vehicle Mileage Allowance

Mileage is reimbursed at the IRS rate. Allowable mileage is not to exceed 110 percent of the most direct route.  Actual expenses for parking, toll roads and bridges, ferries, etc. while en route are also reimbursed.  An average of at least 350 miles per day is required on trips of more than one day in order to receive full lodging and per diem expenses (except where uncontrollable circumstances make it impossible to maintain this average).
Mileage reimbursement forms are available on the Accounting Department website.

Mileage Allowance Form

Privately Owned Vehicles
When travel by private auto (rather than by common carrier) is elected and approved by the supervisor, reimbursement shall not exceed the total cost of the authorized method of common carrier and lodging expenses associated with the use of that method.  Any additional cost is to be borne by the traveler and not the Laboratory.

A personal automobile may be used to travel between the employee's residence and travel destination. The standard mileage allowance is paid for the round trip mileage between such points, minus normal commuting distance.  Overnight air, rail, or bus terminal parking charges, if deemed cost effective by the trip approver, are reimbursable.

Mileage reimbursement for use of a private auto for official business not associated with business travel, such as, on-site mileage or mileage incurred for off-site local travel (i.e. to a training site), is subject to the following:

  1. Division/Section approval 
  2. Claims are to be filed within one month of the date the private auto is used.
  3. Claims older than one month may be denied.