Procedure is outlined on the TA/Expense voucher cover sheet voucher. The traveler records all business related expenses on the TA/Expense Voucher. Submit the following to Accounting for reimbursement:


  • A copy of the approved TA
  • Original receipts (not photocopies) for the payment of transportation.
  • A detailed lodging receipt is required for reimbursement.  Travelers should be aware that, when booking through websites (i.e. Expedia,, etc.), the hotel will not be able to provide a detailed receipt because the reservation was not made directly with their office.  In these cases, the traveler should be sure to print out the room rate and tax detail from the website.
  • All other business-connected expenses must be attached to the voucher
  • The traveler’s supervisor or other Division/Section designated approver must approve the report of expenses
  • Submit Approved voucher

The travel expense voucher is due to Accounting for processing within 30 days of returning from a trip.  Repeated failure to follow this requirement may result in denial of further travel.