​​The per diem allowance covers the cost of meals and incidental expenses for trips that are more than 12 hours in duration.  The per diem rate is based on the per diem official locality of the traveler at the end of the day (12:00 midnight).  Travel days (day of departure and day of return) are reimbursed at 75 percent of the applicable per diem rate. 

Domestic Per Diem Rates
Foreign Per Diem Rates


Meal reimbursement is reduced by a portion of the daily per diem rate in  accordance with current standard meals and incidental expenses (M&IE)  breakdowns per the Federal Travel Regulations for domestic areas, which  can be accessed at the GSA Domestic MI&E website and the GSA Foreign  MI&E website. 


When some or all of a traveler's meals are provided either by the  Conference, or included in the registration fees, the per diem rate is reduced, regardless of whether the traveler chooses to eat the meals provided.
You must reduce the M&IE claimed  on travel vouchers by the specified amount that GSA allocates when travelers receive meals at conferences or other events, including continental breakfasts.**  A written justification is  required if per diem is claimed for meals provided.  If an optional banquet or meal fee is charged at a conference, this fee is considered a personal expense.


§301-11.17  If my agency authorizes per diem reimbursement, will it reduce my M&IE allowance for a meal(s) provided by a common carrier or for a complimentary meal(s) provided by a hotel/motel?
No. A meal provided by a common carrier or a complimentary meal provided by a hotel/motel does not affect your per diem.
Per Diem Reimbursement​


When personal travel days occur after the business event, reimbursement for lodging will be determined based on availability of flights and M&IE reimbursement will end on the last business day.  The traveler may request up to 75% reimbursement of M&IE for the last day of business travel.