Kane County: Lodging - $93, M&IE - $51
Dupage County: Lodging - $114, M&IE - $59


Reimbursement for lodging may not exceed the lodging maximum rate established for all areas of the country and abroad by the Federal Travel Regulations. When the average lodging rate expenses per hotel stay are expected to exceed the FTR lodging maximum rate, management approval is required before travel cost is incurred. The lodging justification must contain a detailed explanation of why the exception should be granted. A written request will be required prior to travel (see Justification for Lodging). 

  • The Division/Section Head approves requests up to 150 percent.
  • The Chief Operating Officer must approve requests over 150 percent up to 300 percent
  • Over 300 percent is unallowable.

Private lodging/ stay with family expenses may be reimbursed for up to five nights per stop at eight dollars per night.
Local Lodging
The respective Division/Section Head and the Chief Operating Officer must approve trips to locations within 50 miles of the Laboratory that necessitate overnight lodging. Travel Authorization must include a clear justification for the need for local lodging. Approval must be obtained from the Chief Operating Officer prior to booking hotel reservations.

 Hotels Located Near Fermilab
To get the Fermilab preferred rate, it is very important that when you are booking your hotel accommodation to mention that you are attending an event sponsored by Fermilab or visiting Fermilab. All hotels on the list will honor their special Fermilab Preferred Rate when visiting Fermilab.Logding Near Fermilab​

If direct billing has been arranged with the hotel, the Travel office will assist in booking.  Please contact Travel Office.


Effective immediately and applies to all lodging booked after the date of this notice (May 10, 2016).  
The Laboratory is not going to reimburse lodging offered through short-term internet rental sites, including but not limited to Airbnb, VRBO, and HomeAway.  
--Safety/security concerns - on-line market place rentals like airbnb are not always licensed, inspected, or regulated like hotels.

--Travel accident/liability coverage may not apply
--Frequently denied country clearance by overseas embassies in the case of foreign travel
--Unclear whether it is "conventional lodging" reimbursable per the Federal Travel Regulations
--Generally requires advance deposit and is non-refundable once booked, risking loss of funds if trip is cancelled
--Generally non-negotiable rates, no government rates, and no third-party booking platform

Hotel on-line booking reservation service fees are non-reimbursable.
**Avoid booking non-refundable hotel rates.