​Fermilab Travel to a foreign country is considered official foreign business travel if any part of a traveler's salary and/or travel expenses is to be paid by DOE contract funds. All FNAL employees and Contractor and Guests using contract funds must obtain FNAL/DOE approval prior to departure. This includes travel to Canada and Mexico.Preparing for foreign travel:

  • All official foreign trip requests for Fermilab employees must be entered in the FTMS regardless of the funding source
  • When travel is being partially or fully funded by another institution a Letter of Invitation itemizing the level of financial support being provided and how reimbursement is to be claimed must be uploaded in FTMS
  • All official foreign trip requests for Fermilab guests and contractors using Lab/DOE funds must be entered in the FTMS
  • A Fermilab employee whose travel originates in one foreign country and travels to another country, other than the US, must enter trips into FTMS and must abide by the same DOE and Fermilab rules of submission and approval
  • Trip requests should be entered in the FTMS at least 30 calendar days before the proposed departure date, unless under extenuating circumstances

    If you are attending a conference
  • Requests to attend a conference must be submitted to the Fermilab Travel Office well in advance of the "critical date" of the conference. The "critical date" corresponds to the date when funds need to be committed (i.e. early registration deadline, booth fees deadline, etc.)
  • Those attending conferences should upload conference agendas and presentations in the FTMS. Conference agendas and presentations should also be uploaded when Non-DOE funds are used

DOE Country Clearance Requirements:

Requirements for Country Clearance are determined by the State Department or US Embassies in foreign countries.  Travelers should not depart on offiical business trip outside of the U.S. without receiving country clearances from the relevant U.S. Embassy or Mission overseas. Clearance requirements are subject to change at any given time. Travelers may have to provide additional information to the Travel Office to complete the clearance request. Embassies may refuse clearance when the request for clearance is less than 30 days prior to departure date. Provide ample time for review and approval.

Travel to Russia and China requires pre-clearance from DOE/HQ.  Addiitonal time is required for pre-clearance.

Current travel warnings, public announcements and consular information sheets are posted on  the U.S. Department of State's travel website.
Travel Advisories​

Substantial changes to a trip request that is listed below will require re-approval:

(1) Addition of one or more countries in the trip request
(2) Change in trip sensitivity from non-sensitive to sensitive

Air travel will be via the most direct and economical means which will meet official business needs.  The travel agency will advise the lowest logical airfare and routing, determined by examination of all carriers possible within a (2) hour window before and (2) hour window after, the requested departure/arrival time.  The lab has excluded Basic Economy fares due to excessive restrictions. 

Reservations and ticketing must be done by the Fermilab Travel Office at 630-840-3398. Traveler or travel preparer must contact the Travel office for reservations. 

The Travel Office will provide e-mail itinerary confirmation immediately after ticketing. Review your itinerary for accuracy regarding flights/times/dates. The Travel Office must be notified within 24 hours regarding corrections. Fares are not guaranteed until ticketed.