The procedure for using the TA/Expense Voucher is detailed on the Procedure Tab of the TA/Expense Voucher worksheet.  The traveler records all expenses on the Expense Voucher. The traveler’s supervisor must approve the report of expenses or other Division/Section designated approver.
Original receipts (not photocopies) for the payment of lodging, transportation, and all other business-connected expenses must be attached to the voucher. 
  • A detailed lodging receipt is required for reimbursement.  When booking through websites (i.e. Expedia,, etc.), print the room rate and tax detail from the booking website
  • Hotel on-line booking reservation service fees are non-reimbursable
  • Decline options for rental insurance
  • Optional services on car rentals, such as Satellite Radio, Roadside Assistance Net (RSN), Wi-fi, etc. are not reimursable
  • Review your rental contract carefully before your sign   

When personal travel days occur before the business event, reimbursement for lodging and meal & incidental expenses (M&IE) will start on the first business day.  The traveler may request up to 75% reimbursement of M&IE for the first day of business travel.


Exceptions:   ****For trips commencing on or after October 1, 2016:

Travel days to and from all international destinations will be reimbursed at:
75% of the current DuPage County rate.

Per Diem for non-travel days at CERN will be reimbursed as follows based on the length of stay:
Less than 1 month = $80.00 / day
1-3 months = $60.00 / day
3 months - 1 year = $50.00 / day

Travelers who spend less than the daily (M&IE) rate may elect to be reimbursed for their actual costs incurred.  The traveler should note “Traveler elects to pay actual (M&IE) costs instead of claiming per diem.” on their travel voucher when it is submitted for reimbursement.  When this election is made it must be for an entire trip.