Domestic Travel is travel within and between the United States and its territories or travel originating from a foreign country to the United States. Air travel will be via the most direct and economical means which will meet official business needs.  The travel agency will advise the lowest logical fare and routing, determined by examination of all carriers possible within a (2) hour window before and (2) hour window after, the requested departure/arrival time.   The lab has excluded Basic Economy fares due to excessive restrictions. 

Reservations and ticketing must be done by the Fermilab Travel Office at 630-840-3398. Traveler or travel preparer must contact the Travel office for reservations. 
The Travel Office will provide e-mail itinerary confirmation immediately after ticketing. Review your itinerary for accuracy regarding flights/times/dates. The Travel Office must be notified within 24 hours regarding corrections. Fares are not guaranteed until ticketed.

Tickets not cancelled in compliance with airline rules cannot be used for future travel.