​Procurement Terms & Conditions
FL-1 Fermilab Subcontract General Provisions.pdf
FL-12 Restriction Respecting Participation in Construction Work Related to the Facility Designed under this Subcontract.pdf
FL-14 Request for Proposal - Construction Sub-contract Instructions to Offerors.pdf
FL-15 Request for Proposal - Instructions to Offerors.pdf
FL-1X Special provisions relating to work funded under American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (APR 2009).pdf
FL-2 FRA Fixed Price Supply Subcontract Terms and Conditions.pdf
FL-20 Preparation of Statement of Work or Specification.pdf
FL-200 Fermi Research alliance, LLC (FRA) Terms and Conditions for Commercial Items.pdf
FL-200 Fermilab Terms and Conditions - Commercial Items.pdf
FL-21A Cost Accounting Standards (Full Coverage).pdf
FL-21B Cost Accounting Standards (Modified Coverage).pdf
FL-21C Cost Accounting Standards (Educational Institutions).pdf
FL-27 Progress Payments Total Costs (Other than Small Business).pdf
FL-27A Progress Payments Total Costs (Small Business).pdf
FL-3 Fermilab Construction Subcontract Terms and Conditions.docx
FL-3 Fermilab Construction Subcontract Terms and Conditions.pdf
FL-4 Fermilab Services Subcontract Terms and Conditions.pdf
FL-40 Performance Bond.pdf
FL-41 Bid Bond.pdf
FL-42 Payment Bond.pdf
FL-5 Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (Applicable only to procurements less than $10,000.pdf
FL-55 Small Business Subcontracting Plan.pdf
FL-57A Organizational Conflicts of Interest Disclosure-Advisory and Assistance Services.pdf
FL-57B Organizational Conflicts of Interest.pdf
FL-61 Notice of Small Business – Small Purchase Set-Aside.pdf
FL-61A Notice of Total Small Business Set-Aside.pdf
FL-7 Fermilab-Furnished Property (Short Form).pdf
FL-8 Liability for Fermilab Property Furnished for Repair or Other Services.pdf
FL-90 Fermilab Research and Development Subcontract For Educational Institutions (FIXED PRICE).pdf
FRA General Terms and Conditions for Commercial Items (06-19).pdf