Invoice processing is generally divided among our Voucher Analysts alphabetically by supplier, as outlined below.
Please submit AP PO invoices to APinvoices@fnal.gov, and AP inquiring or AP PO invoices approval to  accountspayable@fnal.gov

Accounts Payable Mainaccountspayable@fnal.gov630-840-3222
Angela Wanawan@fnal.gov630-840-6386
Lindsay Leonidaslindsay1@fnal.gov630-840-3964A
Reyna Cardonarcardona@fnal.gov630-840-3223Suppliers B-F & L; all DOE-PAC
Susan Schaerschaer@fnal.gov630-840-2915Suppliers G-K & Retention Suppliers
Debbie O'Hallorandebbieoh@fnal.gov630-840-3224Suppliers MNPR & Steiner
(Open Position)-630-840-2922OQSTUVWXYZ

Provisional Labor Rates

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FY 20 Provisional Rates Letter  

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FY18 Provisional Rates