Beam Test for Muon StripsT1072_tsw.pdfYesyes
Beam Tests for the SVX4 TelescopeT1068_tsw.pdfMTest 12 Nov 20152 Dec 2015Active yes
Secondary Emmitters StudyT1065_tsw.pdfMTest15 Sept 2015Active yes
STAR Forward Calorimeter StudyT1064_tsw.pdfMTest18 March 2015yes
Optical Time-Project ChamberT1059_tsw.pdfMCenter1 Dec 2014yes
Secondary Emission CalorimeterT1058_tsw.pdfMTest14 Aug 2014yes
ATLAS DBM Module QualificationT1056_tsw.pdfMTest18 June 201411 July 2014Activeno
Proton Rad Damage in Crystal ScintillatorsT1055_tsw.pdfMTestRejectedno
sPHENIX PreShowerT1054_tsw.pdfMTest16 Feb 201419 Feb 2014Activeyes
CDRD High Rate Data Links ProgramT1050_tsw.pdfMTAUnder Reviewno
ATLAS large scale Thin Gap ChambersT1049_tsw.pdfMTest6 May 20149 May 2014Activeyes
EIC PID R&D: 10ps ToF and AGelT1048_tsw_A1.pdfYesyes
PHENIX Fast TOFT1048_tsw.pdfMTest31 Jan 20147 Feb 2014Activeyes
CLAS12 Silicon Vertex Tracker Module TestT1047_tsw.pdfMTest16 Sep 201318 Sep 2013Activeyes
LBNE-NuMI Muon DetectorsT1046_tsw.pdfNuMI3 Sep 2013yes
Mu2E FEM w/Cherenkov Light from Quartz CellsT1045_tsw.pdfMTest3 Sep 201318 Sep 2013Activeyes
sPHENIX Calorimetry TestsT1044_tsw.pdfMTest16 Jan 20147 Feb 2014Activeyes
Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto Scintillation CountersT1043_tsw.pdfMTest16 Sep 201318 Sep 2013Activeyes
Muon g-2 Straw TrackerT1042_tsw.pdfMTest21 Jan 201422 Jan 2014Activeyes
CMS Forward Calorimetry R&DT1041_tsw.pdfMTest19 Nov 201320 Nov 2013Activeyes
PHENIX MPC APD and Prototype MPC-EX TestsT1038_tsw.pdfMTest15 Jul 20134 Sep 2013Activeyes
FLYSUB Consortium Tracking & RICH Perf EvalT1037_tsw.pdfMTest01 Oct 20132 Oct 2013 Activeyes
Tests of high rate pixel detectorT1036_tsw.pdfM0325 Jul 201315 Oct 2013Activeyes
LArIAT: Liquid Argon TPC In A Test beamT1034_tsw.pdfMC718 Mar 2013yes
ATLAS Tile Calorimeter Upgrade Electronics TestT1031_mou.pdfM0324 Oct 20122 Oct 2013Activeyes
IU SciBath-768 Detector TestsT1025_mou.pdfMI1212 Mar 201213 Mar 20125 May 2012yes
GridPix/Gossip TestsT1024.pdfMTestWithdrawnno
NaI Crystal Test for DM-IceT1020_mou.pdfMINOS Undgnd Areas28 Nov 201120 Nov 2012Activeyes
Belle II iTOP counter prototype evaluationT1019_mou.pdfMTest10 Nov 201114 Dec 2011Activeyes
UCLA Spacordion Tungsten Powder CalorimeterT1018_mou.pdfMTest4 Jan 201218 Jan 2012Activeyes
UCLA Spacordion Tungsten Powder Calorimeter UpdatedT1018_A1_tsw.pdfMTestJan 16 2014yes
CIRTE: COUPP Iodine Recoil Threshold ExperimentT1017_mou.pdfMTest8 Sep 201121 Sep 2011Activeyes
Dual Readout Calorimetry with GlassesT1015_mou.pdfMTest23 Jun 201129 Jun 2011Activeyes
IU SciBath-768 DetectorT1014_mou.pdfMINOS Undgnd Areas16 Sep 201124 Oct 201128 Feb 2012yes
NOvA Near Detector On the Surface (NDOS)T1013_mou.pdfNOvA SBUnder Reviewno
TAUWER TestT1012_mou.pdfMTest24 Jan 20113 Mar 2011Activeyes
Rad-hard Silicon Microstrip Sensors for CMST1011_mou.pdfMTest21 Feb 201116 Mar 2011Activeyes
GEM Chamber Characteristics TestT1010_mou.pdfMTest11 Jan 20113 Aug 2011Activeyes
SuperB Muon Detector PrototypeT1008_mou.pdfMTest15 Nov 20101 Dec 2010Activeyes
Directly Coupled TilesT1006_mou.pdfMTest2 Apr 201027 May 2010Activeyes
Muon g-2 Calorimeter PrototypesT1005_mou.pdfMTest3 May 201014 May 2010Activeyes
Total Absorption Dual Readout Calorimetry R&DT1004_mou.pdfMTest10 Mar 20101 April 201028 Aug 2011yes
Muon Detector/Tail Catcher R&DT0995_mou.pdfMTest18 Jan 20108 Feb 201026 Oct 2011yes
JASMIN Radiation MeasurementsT0994_mou.pdfMTest13 Nov 200910 Feb 2010yes
JASMIN in MTestT0994_A1_mou.pdfM0122 Feb 2013yes
JASMIN Shielding MeasurementsT0993_mou.pdfPbar & NuMI7 Dec 2009yes
JASMIN in NuMIT0993_A1_mou.pdfNuMI22 Feb 2013yes
Test of Radiation Hard Sensors for the HL-LHCT0992_tsw.pdfMTest16 Oct 20152 Dec 2015Activeyes
Radiation Hard Sensors for the SLHCT0992_mou.pdfMTest19 Aug 200930 Nov 2009Activeyes
T0992 UpdateT0992_A2_tsw.pdfMtestUnder reviewno
T0992 AddendumT0992_A1_tsw.pdfMTAUnder reviewno
Chameleon Afterglow SearchT0991_mou.pdfMagnet Test Facility5 Aug 2009yes
AIRFLYT0988_mou.pdfMTest1 Dec 200810 Dec 200806 Feb 2010yes
Dark Matter In CCD's (DAMIC)T0987_mou.pdfMINOS Undgnd Area15 Dec 20089 Apr 2012yes
PHENIX VTXT0984_mou.pdfMTest15 Jul 200820 Aug 200826 Oct 2011yes
Crystal Collimation ExperimentT0980_mou.pdfTevatron9 Jun 20089 Jun 200830 Sep 2011yes
Fast Timing Counters for PSECT0979_mou.pdfMTest9 Mar 200811 Jun 2008Activeyes
CALICE Test BeamT0978_mou.pdfMTest11 Feb 20087 May 20086 Dec 2011yes
MINERvA Test Beam CalibrationT0977_mou.pdfMTest16 Oct 200815 Oct 2008Activeyes
MINERvA - UpdatedT0977_A1_tsw.pdfMTest21 Oct 2014yes
CsI Gaussian Shaper Electronics & Detector TestT0976_mou.pdfMTest10 Oct 200710 Dec 200716 Dec 2007yes
Shielding and Radiation Effect ExperimentsT0972_mou.pdfPbar & NuMI/MINOS2 Nov 20079 Nov 200715 Mar 2009yes
Tests of LHCb Silicon DetectorsT0971_mou.pdfMTest3 Dec 20072 Jun 200827 Sep 2011yes
DHCAL Detector TestT0970_mou.pdfMTest7 May 200718 Jul 200731 Jul 2007yes
GammeVT0969_mou.pdfMagnet Test Facility10 Apr 200713 Jul 200701 Nov 2007yes
T2K Muon Monitor Prototype TestT0968_mou.pdfNuMI4 Sep 200730 Nov 200713 Aug 2008yes
Muon g-2 Calorimeter PrototypeT0967_mou.pdfMTest23 Mar 200718 Apr 200724 Apr 2007yes
Monolithic Pixel SensorsT0966_mou.pdfMTest12 Feb 200727 Jun 2007Activeyes
PSiPsT0965_mou.pdfMTest24 Jan 200728 Mar 200703 Apr 2007yes
GEM Chamber CharacteristicsT0964_mou.pdfMTest31 Jan 200721 Mar 200717 Apr 2007yes
STAR Muon Telescope DetectorT0963_mou.pdfMTest25 Jan 20072 May 200715 May 2007yes
ArgoNeutT0962_mou.pdfMINOS Undgnd Areas3 Oct 200722 Feb 2010yes
Microparticle Shielding AssessmentT0959_mou.pdfMTest10 Oct 200613 Dec 200620 Dec 2006yes
FP420 Fast Timing GroupT0958_mou.pdfMTest31 May 20064 Jan 2012Activeyes
NIU Tail-catcher/Muon Tracker TestT0957_mou.pdfMTest17 Jan 200613 Feb 200618 Apr 2007yes
ILC Muon Detector TestsT0956_mou.pdfMTest13 Dec 200520 Feb 200613 Sep 2006yes
RPC Detector GroupT0955_mou.pdfMTest3 Nov 200501 Feb 200624 Oct 2006yes
Cerenkov Light TestT0953_mou.pdfMTest28 Sep 200524 Aug 2006Activeyes
ALICE EMCAL Prototype TestT0951_mou.pdfMTest17 Oct 20057 Nov 200505 Dec 2005yes
Vacuum Straw TrackerT0950_mou.pdfMTest4 Aug 2005yes
COUPPT0945_mou.pdfMINOS Undgnd Areas12 Jan 2004yes
COUPP: Muon Veto DetectorT0945_A1.pdfMINOS Undgnd Areas31 Dec 2005no
COUPP: Muon Veto & Shielding UpgradeT0945_A02.pdfMINOS Undgnd Areas6 Jul 2008no
Super B-Factory Monolithic Active Pixel DetectorT0943_mou.pdfMTest29 Aug 200415 Dec 200415 Jan 2005yes
U of Iowa PPAC TestT0941_mou.pdfMTest4 Jun 200415 Jul 200415 Jan 2005yes
US/CMS Forward PixelT0936_mou.pdfMTest18 Jun 200313 April 200424 Jul 2006yes
BTeV RICH Detector TestT0935_mou.pdfMTest30 May 200313 May 200430 Jan 2005yes
BTeV EMCal Detector TestT0933_mou.pdfMTest4 Nov 200315 Jan 200504 Jul 2005yes
Diamond DetectorT0932_mou.pdfMTest12 Jan 20023 Jul 2006Activeyes
BTeV Muon Detector TestT0931_mou.pdfMTest5 Nov 200213 Jun 200421 Feb 2005yes
BTeV Straw Prototype DetectorT0930_mou.pdfMTest5 Nov 200215 May 200414 May 2005yes
BTeV Pixel Detector TestT0927_mou.PDFMTest6 May 200213 Dec 200318 Jul 2006yes
Radio Ice Cerenkov ExperimentT0926_mou.pdfMTest12 June 200215 Dec 200315 May 2004yes