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​Program Documents

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Responses to Recommendations from June 2018 Director's Review (docDB 8014)

Risk Registry (docDB 4116)

Haza​rd Analysis Report (docDB 1518)

Integrated Safety Management Plan (docDB 781)

Additional document - tbd

Cost and Schedule Documents

Project Controls documents (docDB 10117) including MS project file, labor profiles, cost profiles, and latest cost and schedule performance. 

Commissioning Cost Estimate (docDB 10045)

Operations Cost Estimate (docDB 10216)

Quarterly Estimate to Complete spreadsheets (docDB 9380)

ICARUS Mileston​es (docDB 9260)​

SBND Milestones (docDB 9263)

Near Det. Technical Reviews in 2018

Electronics Production Readiness Review (Nov 2018)

Field Cage Review (Feb 2018)

Near detector r​eviews prior to 2017 are linked on the SBND web page
Far Det. Technical Reviews in 2018 

ICARUS Side CRT Readout Review (April 2018)