​​                                                                               ​Map_with_Buildings.JPG​​

​                              The Short Baseline Program is overseeing the construction of two new experiment halls located on Fermilab's Neutrino Campus.

​​                                                                                A WebCam​ service provides live views of both construction sites -  see SBN DocDB-924 for access

Far Detector Building

ICARUS_Building_pic.JPG​​​Construction of the building for the ICARUS Detector started in August 2015.

View progress via :

         the FD Building Photo Gallery​

         the FD Building Construction Timeline​​

​​Near Detector Building

SBND_Building_pic.JPGConstruction of the building for the SBND detector started in March 2016.

View progress via:

      the ND Building Photo Gallery

      the ND Building Construction Timeline​