The DUNE Technical Board (TB) is chaired by the Technical Coordinator (TC) and has a membership that includes the coordinators and managers of the collaboration detector and prototyping groups. It may also include additional members of the collaboration, nominated by the TC and approved by the Executive Committee (EC)​, who are expected to bring useful knowledge and expertise to its discussions on technical issues. The TB is the primary

forum for discussion of issues related to detector design, construction, installation and commissioning.

This body serves as a project change-control board for change requests with schedule and cost impacts that lie below pre-determined thresholds necessitating EC approval. Change requests that have impacts on interfaces with the LBNF project, potential impacts on DUNE science requirements, or that require modifications of formal Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with one or more contributing funding agencies, are discussed within the TB; however these require higher-level approvals, starting with the EC. 

The TB is also the primary forum for discussing technological design choices faced by the collaboration. Based on these discussions, the TB is expected to make a recommendation on the preferred technology choice to the TC, who is then charged with making a final recommendation to the EC. 

​Technical Coordinator ​Eric James
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