​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Purpose: ​

​Evaluate and optimize sensitivity to low-energy (up to ~100 MeV) neutrino physics in DUNE.  We are concerned mainly with supernova burst neutrino physics, but also will also be covering solar neutrinos and diffuse supernova neutrino background, which have issues in common.

​Coordinator/Manager/Convenor:Inés Gil Botella, Kate Scholberg, Alex Friedland​ (theory)
​Email list:
dune-physics-snb@fnal.gov (archives)

Meetings:  Bi-weekly on "Physics Weeks", Wednesdays 10 am-noon Central.  First meeting September 30, 2015. 

Supernova H​ack Days III: Aug 5-7, 2017

Associated working groups: We have connections with many other working groups, including Far Detector Performance, Far Detector Simulation and Reconstruction, Photon Detection System, DAQ, Cosmic Ray Physics and Cosmogenics, Purity and Radiopurity, and TPC working groups, as well as prototype working groups and the Far Detector Reconstruction Task Force.


  • ​Top level: physics signatures with oscillation effects, reach (MH, SN physics)
  • Improve/develop SN event generator 
    • Include NC, nuebar, ES channels
    • Include realistic angular distributions
    • Integrate with LArSoft
    • Produce SN-burst like samples with realistic time distribution
  • Low-energy event reconstruction
    • Electron track fitter
    • Particle/channel ID (deexcitation gamma selection), bremsstrahlung
  • Studies with SN event generator and reconstruction
    • Energy resolution
    • Gamma tagging selection, interaction-channel-tagging selection efficiency
    • Angular resolution, directionality studies
    • Backgrounds: 39-Ar, radiologicals, cosmogenics​
    • DAQ/trigger studies
  • Improve deexcitation gamma simulation with MARLEY​
  • Definition of photon detection requirements (in coord with photon detector WG)
  • Compare single and dual phase technologies for low-energy events
  • Solar neutrino studies

Members and Tasks:  please sign up or suggest others

​Area of work or
associated working group
Gleb Sinev, ​Kate Scholberg​Simulation/Reconstruction​Simple event generator
​​Steven Gardiner, MARLEY groupSimulation/ReconstructionRealistic deexcitation event generator​
​​Denver Whittington, Alex Himmel, photon and photon sim group members​Photons​Photon detector requirements for Proto-DUNE
​Gleb Sinev​Photon sim, Sim/Recon, Backgrounds​39-Ar and radiological background sim, low-energy electron fitter
Fernando Rossi TorresNon-standard physics, Sim/Recon
​Cecilia Lunardini, Alankrita Priya, Alexander WarrenDSNB, SN theoryDSNB, neutronization burst sensitivity studies​
​​Frederic Mouton, Michael Baird
​Radiological backgrounds​Radiological bg simulation
JuergenReichenbacher, JasonStock
​Radiological backgroundsRadiological bg simulation
​​Amanda Weinstein​Triggering/DAQ​Liaison to DAQ group
Ara Ioannisian​Solar Neutrinos
Solar neutrino sensitivity studies
​Diana Navas, Chiara Lastoria, Inés Gil-Botella
​Low energy event reconstruction
​Reconstruction capabilities for low energy events with DUNE single and dual phase detectors
​​AJ Roeth​Low energy event reconstruction​Angular distribution, pointing studies

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AHimmel Pinned:<\br> Changing geometries? Look here for possible choices of PhotonVisibilityService: `dunetpc/dune/PhotonPropagation/photpropservices_dune.fcl

Geometries on dunegpvm:
​/dune/data/users/tjyang/supernova/evd_dunefd.fcl this is for 1x2x6 geometry
/dune/data/users/tjyang/supernova/evd_dune10ktworkspace.fcl this is for workspace geometry



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