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About the Speakers Committee

The primary functions of the Speakers Committee (SC) are to ensure that the DUNE Collaboration is well-represented at international conferences and to manage the assignment of DUNE speakers for all presentations (talks, posters) given on behalf of the DUNE Collaboration at international conferences and workshops. It provides a single point of contact for conference and workshop organizers.

Talks and Posters

This page lists past and upcoming DUNE talks and posters at conferences, workshops and other events, with links to the slides (or poster files), as well as those talks coordinated by the DUNE Speakers Committee.


Please contact the DUNE Speakers Committee at dune-sc@fnal.gov to request a talk or poster from a member of the DUNE Collaboration, or to forward such a request if you receive one.

Speakers Committee members

  • Jarek Nowak (Chair)
  • Alex Himmel  (Deputy Chair)
  • Ernesto Kemp
  • Takuya Hasagawa
  • Alex Sousa 
  • Uma Sanker
  • Jianming Bian
  • Bob Svoboda   
  • Alessandra Tonazzo
  • Alex Booth (Young DUNE)
  • Keith Gollwitzer (LBNF)​

Ex-officio members

  • Co-Spokespersons (Ed Blucher, Stefan Soldner-Rembold)
  • Physics Coordinator and Deputy (Ryan Patterson and Elisabeth Worcester)
  • APB Chair and Deputy (Mark Messier and Frank Filthaut)

Resources for Speakers

DUNE SC Guideline

Publication & Authorship Procedures

The DUNE powerpoint template is recommended for all talks on behalf of DUNE, and the LBNF powerpoint template for LBNF talks.

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