A summary of the ongoing activities can be found here

Configuration files for the most recent sim-reco chain for ProtoDUNEs


Monte Carlo production documentation

For the Production Team: MCC11

Requirements for MCC in 2018: link to the document

Requirements for MCC10, which is planned around November 2017: link to the document

For the Production Team: MCC10

Location of MCC9 files:

dCache in Fermilab: /pnfs/dune/persistent/dunepro/v06_33_00_01/reco/

EOS at CERN: /eos/experiment/neutplatform/protodune/npmcproddisk/mcc9/v06_33_00_01/mergeana/

Useful links

Cosmic muon reconstruction in ProtoDUNE-SP: docdb 1780

How to use computing tools at CERN: link


November 14-17 2017: DUNE Physcis Week at Fermilab

  • Link to materials/data used/produced during DUNE Physics Week

June 28-29 2017 we had LArSoft Reconstruction Hackathon at CERN

October 31 2016 we had One day LArSoft tutorial at CERN


We are running Sim&Reco meetings for both ProtoDUNEs on Wednesday 10 am CDT (it is 5 pm at CERN).

Announcements are sent to both dune-proto-sp-dra and CENF-WA105-larsoft mailing lists.

Link to the indico page with meetings.  


Useful documentation

Setting up offsets - some hints for cosmic muon simulation

Selected slides and code links to D.Stefan and R.Sulej works