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​Tool​URL​Prerequisites​Description​Used By
Approved Plots Access: DUNE DocDB username/password
Write Access: See the online documentation.
The Approved Plots web page groups and categorizes physics plots that are approved for use by DUNE collaborators in talks and presentations.  More details on how to get your plot listed on this page can be found in the online documentation.​DUNE
Collaborator Database
Read/Write Access: One of the following -
  • You need to be a collaboration member in the database, then -
    • Fermi Services account (FNAL employees only)
    • or, contact Maxine for your personal username/password
​Database of information on DUNE collaborators.
Data Catalog Read Access: None
Write Access: ​Fermilab computer accounts and web write permissions
The DUNE Data Catalog contains links to data produced by Monte Carlo challenges, and information on how to access DUNE data samples.​DUNE
DocDB (Document database)
docs.dunescience.orgRead/Write Access: DUNE DocDb username/password (see next column)
The DocDB is used as DUNE's and LBNF's document repository to manage, store and archive documents. ​Documents are accessible via one of the following mechanisms -
  • Some documents are public and require no authentication.
  • Protected documents are accessible using one of the shared DocDB username/password combinations (you can request these).
  • Protected documents that you are authorized to access are accessible using a certificate loaded into your browser. (more info).

More detailed info is also available:

doxygen for DUNE (code documentation) Access: None
Write Access: Fermilab computer accounts and a request sent to
​Doxygen generated documentation for DUNE code can be found here.
github (code repository) Access: None
Write Access: a github account and authorized to access the respository
gitHub is where many DUNE/LBNF related documents and software packages are developed. Click "sign up" on the github page to create an account. Then send email with your account name and the desired repository to to request authorization.​DUNE/LBNF
​Images​Read Access: None
Write Access:Fermilab computer accounts
You are free to use any of these graphics in presentations and documents.​DUNE/LBNF
Indico (meeting/event calendar)
Read Access: None
Write Access: Indico account or Fermilab computer accounts
Indico is the location for all DUNE (and some LBNF) meeting agendas.
You will need to register with Indico if you will be a presenter at a DUNE/LBNF meeting and want to upload your talk.

Register for the FNAL Indico server

  • Point your browser at the DUNE Indico
  • Click the red and white Login button at top right
  • Click on "If you don't have an account, you can create one here"
  • Complete the form.

If you need to be able to edit/add Indico categories, send an email to dune-communication with the url of the pages you need to be made an owner of.

DUNE and LBNF meetings typically use Zoom (see below) to enable remote participation.

​Logos and Templates Access: same as for DocDB
LBNF/DUNE logos and templates should be used when making LBNF/DUNE related presentations and documents.​DUNE/LBNF
Mailing lists Access: None, although some mailing lists are restricted.
All DUNE and LBNF mailing lists are listed at the given link; at the bottom of that page you will find instructions for using the mailing lists.​DUNE/LBNF
redmine (code repository) Access: Fermilab computer accounts
Redmine is a software repository where some of the DUNE software projects live.​DUNE
Risk Register Access: Fermilab computer accountsThe risk register is a tool used by all Fermilab projects including LBNF and DUNE  to officially record risks to the project.​DUNE/LBNF
​Service Request Portal for DUNE
DUNE ServiceNow request PortalRead/Write Access: Fermilab computer accountsMake a request for DUNE Software & Computing or DUNE MC request, to be addressed by DUNE experts. ​DUNE
Slack Team (dunescience)
http://dunescience.slack.comRead/Write Access: Ask for an invite with an email to

This dunescience slack team provides a common tool for discussions about different topics.  Currently general topics, photon detector and supernova channels exist.​DUNE
wiki for DUNE
https://wiki.dunescience.orgRead Access: DUNE DocDB username/password
Write Access:
Fermilab computer accounts and email sent to dune-communication to be authorized
This is the official DUNE wiki.  Consortia working areas and other collaborative functionality are located here.​DUNE
​Zoom (remote meeting attendance) Meeting ID of meeting to join a meeting, Zoom account to start a meeting (see link on right), Zoom client downloaded to your computer/mobile device (easier than using web access)
​Zoom is the tool used to access meetings via the web, a telephone, or your computer's audio when you are remote.  Each meeting will have a PMI used to connect to it.  The PMI works for both the web access and audio access.

To join or start a meeting see the documentation at -

Register for a Zoom Account

If you are starting a meeting you will need a an account to get your PMI that you can then give to your attendees. You need to have standard Fermilab accounts first.

Archived LBNE DocDB Read/Write Access: LBNE DocDb username/password (see next column)LBNE was an earlier, but related, experiment that was terminated when DUNE started. Many DUNE documents were started from existing LBNE documents in the LBNE DocDB. We believe that all the LBNE documents that evolved into DUNE documents have been migrated to the DUNE DocDB.  The LBNE DocDB is now only available for read access.  If you believe that you need to update a document in the LBNE DocDB, contact​LBNE