The goal of the DUNE Near Detector Task Force (NDTF) is to evaluate the relative performance of various ND technology choices. The evaluation criteria will   be a quantitative analysis of the ability of each candidate design to improve the sensitivity of DUNE to CP-violation.  The NDTF also recognizes the importance of the ability of each design to make high-precision, model-independent, neutrino-nucleus scattering measurements over a wide range of phase space as well as the ability to disentangle neutrino interaction physics from nuclear effects, and measure neutrino interactions on Ar, the FD target material. Although additional criteria may be considered, metrics of CPV sensitivity will be the primary focus of the NDTF.

This task will require coordination between many working groups, and the development and integration of several software packages. The NDTF will be responsible for coordinating and/or developing:

  • Full GEAT4 simulations of each detector design.
  • An end-to-end simulation and analysis chain that can tie ND measurements to FD oscillation fit results.
  • Software compatibility between the WGs responsible for the flux model, neutrino interaction models, and detector response models, along with the ND and FD analysis WGs
  • A full suite of systematic uncertainty evaluation and propagation tools. 

  The NDTF will compile a preliminary report on the time scale of 12 months and a final report in 18 months. ​

Convener:Steve Brice
​Deputies:Daniel Cherdak and Kendall Mahn
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