We focus on physics measurements with the near detector(s) of DUNE/LBNF.   There are a few high priority lines of effort.  Determine what cross section and flux parameters must be constrained by the near detector in order to achieve the desired sensitivity for oscillation measurements.  Provide a basis to evaluate how well proposed detectors will achieve those constraints so the DUNE collaboration can choose one or possibly two complementary technologies.  Pursue ideas for compelling physics measurements in the highest intensity neutrino beam that expand the physics reach of the experiment.  Engage in development and tuning of neutrino interaction generators and the models being built for those.  In the end, this group will help incorporate the results into the first oscillation analyses and lead the set of ND measurements once we have ND data.

​Convenors:Mike Kordosky, Steve Manly
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dune-nd@fnal.gov (archives)

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