Welcome to DUNE/LBNF and to Fermilab (or to Fermilab's computing systems)!  All DUNE collaborators and LBNF Project Visitors will need to request computing accounts at Fermilab.

DUNE collaborators need to be on the official Collaboration list before getting Fermilab computer accounts.  Instructions are here.

How To Get Fermilab Computer Accounts

  • go to the  Accounts and Passwords page
  • Follow the instructions in the 'Visitors' section
    • Pick DUNE for your affiliation (or LBNF if you are working directly for the project)
    • If you answer Yes to the Question 'Will you need a Visitor ID badge/be onsite within the next year?', you will be starting the process to get a physical ID badge.  This is only needed if you will be coming onsite and staying for some time. You do not need this just to come to a collaboration meeting or a workshop.
    • You will need the name/phone number/email of a person with a Fermilab badge as the Fermilab contact.  You can find this information in the Fermilab Phone Book
  • The service desk from Fermilab will send you an email with your account information. This may take a few days. You will need to contact them to get your password.
  • After you have your accounts and passwords, register with the Password Reset Tool, so you can reset your password even if forgotten. Passwords will need to be reset every 6 months, you will get an email reminder for this.

The things you will get include

  • A Fermilab ID number (and a badge if you will be onsite for a longer period of time)
  • a kerberos principal (about kerberos) (used for interactive logins and grid job submission by DUNE)
  • a services account (used to access Redmine, Sharepoint, the ServiceDesk and other web-based tools)
  • a FERMI domain account (you will not use this unless you have a FERMi-owned Windows computer)
  • if you chose DUNE as the affiliation you will also get  -
    • an account on the FNALU cluster
    • home directory on nashome
    • a DUNE interactive nodes account
    • DUNE VO membership

Your login username is the same as your kerberos principal/services account name/Fermi domain account name

NOTE: Fermilab visitor accounts expire after one year, you will get an email before this time reminding you to renew your accounts. You can renew your account by following the instructions on this page.

For more information please see Visiting Fermilab.

Examples of errors you may get when your account has expired -

  • kinit error - kinit: Client not found in Kerberos database while getting initial credentials
  • kinit error - krb5_get_init_creds: Error from KDC: CLIENT_NOT_FOUND

Contact DUNE or Get Help

Fermilab ServiceDesk

Getting Access to DUNE Resources If You already Have Fermilab Accounts