Develop simulation and reconstruction tools for physics analyses. We focus on simulating and reconstructing events, such as beam neutrinos, atmospheric neutrinos, supernova neutrions, proton decays and relevant backgrounds in a liquid argon TPC.

​Convenors​: Chris Backhouse, Alex Himmel​, Tingjun Yang
​Email list:
dune-reco@fnal.gov (archives)
​Meeting time:
​Physics weeks, Mondays, 9:30 a.m. CT

Task list (please sign up)

​Tasks ​Contributors Priority
​Start ​Complete Notes
Finish initial reconstruction chain

Improve nu_e CC identification Tingjun/Mike
track/shower reconstruction Robert/Dorota/Mike
Various PID Nick/Martin/Tingjun
Validation of reconstruction Aaron/Karl/Reddy
Wire Cell Pattern recognition Xin
Wire Cell Larsoft Integration Brett
Web-based Human Directed Pattern Validation Chao
FD Design Validation Xin/Chao
TPC Signal Processing

Realistic TPC Signal Simulation

Proton decay reconstruction Aaron/Tingjun
Neutrino energy reconstruction Nick/Tingjun
Q4/2016​ ​Q1/2017 Doc-2278
Improve TrajCluster for PDK
Test reconstruction for FD cosmics

Neutrino vertex reconstruction/selection ​Yujing
Identify electron from the vertex

Tune Pandora for DUNE Nick/Martin/James (Warwick), Lorena

Improve track stitcher ​Leigh Whitehead/Robert Sulej

​Q4/2016 Talk
Improve nu_mu CC identification ​Dom/Tingjun
Test GENIE 2.12 Hector/Tingjun/Michel/Tom
​Q4/2016 ​Q4/2016 v06_17_00
NC Identification John LoSecco
Fiducial Cut Tuning

Pizero ID and measurement

SNB Stub Performance Tuning and Validation SNB Group

Nuclear De-Excitation Gamma energy reco ​​SNB Group

Flash reco performance

Cluster-Flash Association in NDK

Cluster-Flash Association in SNB

Cluster-Flash Association in Atmos

Cluster-Flash Association in Beam Events

Michel Electron ID and measurement

Kink Finder

Muon momentum from mult scat ​Nick Grant

39Ar ID

Nu_Tau CC ID

Event Mixing

Atmospheric neutrino ID

​Fix atmospheric neutrino generator
​Jeremy Hewes ​Q4/2016 #14881
All of the above for Dual-Phase Detectors

Make simulation/reconstruction work in full geometry Heng-Ye Liao

​PMA developments/improvement​ ​Dorota Stefan/Robert Sulej

​Support full-size Far Detector with Photon Simulation

Simulate alternative photon detector designs

​Improve photon detector electronics simulation

​Improve photon channel reconstruction algorithm

​Flash-track matching for SNB ​Chris Backhouse (SNB group)

​Flash-track matching for NDK ​Aaron Higuera (NDK group)

​Convert optical reconstruction to "tools" infrastructure​

​Use MaxOpchannel instead of NOpChannels​

​Clean up PD settings in standard fhicls