The far detector physics task force is charged to:

  • develop a full far detector simulation and reconstruction chain;
  • produce detector optimization studies, for example, 3mm vs 5mm wire pitch, wire angle and the efficiency of the light readout system for different configurations;
  • produce a first update the DUNE long-baseline physics sensitivity studies using full simulation and event reconstruction;
  • develop the simulation and reconstruction for SNB and nucleon decay physics;
  • produce a first report on their findings, which will be presented to the collaboration at the September 2016 collaboration meeting and a final report by March 2017. 

It is intended that these studies will, in general, take into account both reference and alternate FD designs.

​Coordinator/Manager/Convenor:Lisa Whitehead
​Deputies:Andy Blake, Slavic Galymov
​Email list:

​Recent Work:​​

The final report has been completed, and can be found in DUNE DocDB-3384​ (password-protected).