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This page provides resources to collaborators working on the Far Detector and/or either ProtoDUNE detector:

  • Resources for detector development
  • Resources for presentations
  • Resources for ProtoDUNE shifters
  • Far Detector org chart

 ​Resources for detector development 

(at what level to separate SP and DP? Separate sections on the page? Separate lists? Separate items in each general list?)

  • International DUNE Project page
  • Internal notes on SP systems 
  • Internal notes on DP systems 
  • Schematics and manuals - SP  
  • Schematics and manuals - DP 

Resources for presentations 

Resources for ProtoDUNE (SP and DP?) Shifters

(this actually should go on the ProtoDUNE SP and DP coordination pages)

  • Contact information for key people (create a protected web page) 
  • Collaboration​ phone book
  • Shift list 
  • beam schedule (is there a web page at CERN with this info?)
  • CERN training 
  • Shift training and checklists (how to recover from various error conditions) (needs a set of web pages)
  • ELOG or other electronics logbooks​ (link to whatever app will be used)

Far Detector Org Chart​

(This org chart is out of date but I don't find an updated one)


 Far Detector Working Groups

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