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The task of the Dual Phase TPC group is to develop a detailed design of the dual phase Liquid Argon TPC 10 kton fiducial detector for DUNE. This design will be the basis for the DUNE TDR, to be ready for 2019. The starting point design for this detector is contained in the DUNE CDR (Vol 4, chap. 5 released July 2015)​. Most of the effort is performed withing the WA105 collaboration where the dual phase technology is been tested and scalled to the very large detectors.

Convenor​:​​Marco Zito
​Deputy:Sebastien Murphy
​Email list: (archive)

The scope of this group includes the following work-packages:

WP1. Chimneys and feed-throughs ​(resp. Franco Sergiampietri): The dual phase detector requires specific chimneys for the signal feed-throughs, with the front-end preamplifiers inside the tank insulation. A specific design requirements is also needed for the drift HV feed-throughs. These components are being developed and prototyped in WA105 and will be adapted to the DUNE 10kt. These developments will be addressed in coordination with the FD WG “Cryo interface”.​

WP2. The Charge Readout Plane (CRP) mechanical structure (resp. Dominique Duchesneau, Nicolas Geffroy) Includes the mechanical structure, the motorized suspension system, the extraction grid. The final basic unit is a 3x3m2 module being developed and prototyped in the WA105 6x6x6m3 demonstrator.

WP3. The Charge Readout Plane (CRP) sensor (resp. Edoardo Mazzucato) Includes the fabrication, QA&QC logistics and mounting related to the LEM detector and anode structure providing the charge amplification in the argon gas.

WP4. Slow control and calibration (resp. Cosimo Cantini) includes all the sensors relevant for safety as well as for reliable operation of the dual phase detector. Best examples are the developments of robust level meters since the dual phase require precise positioning of the CRP with respect to the LAr level. Early warnings of HV discharge, cryogenic cameras are relevant for safe operation of the detector and would also be included.

WP5. Installation and integration (resp. Adamo Gendotti) The assembly and integration of all these components will be done inside the tanks, taking advantage of a TCO. This procedure is an integral part of the dual phase TPC design. The issues related to the space boundary conditions at SURF will be addressed in coordination with the FD WG “Installation”.


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