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This chart is described in the Project Management Plan (restricted).

 Long Baseline Neutrino Committee (LBNC)​

The Long Baseline Neutrino Committee (LBNC) that is composed of internationally prominent scientists with relevant expertise provides external scientific peer review for the two projects regularly.

Experiment-Facility Interface Group (EFIG)​

Close and continuous coordination between DUNE and LBNF will be required to ensure the success of the combined enterprise. An Experiment-Facility Interface Group (EFIG) was established in January 2015 to oversee and  ensure the  required coordination both during the design  and  construction and the operational phases of the program.

Internatio​nal Neutrino Council (INC) 

The International Neutrino Council (INC) for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Program is a consulting body composed of regional representatives and representatives of government funding agencies that provide major contributions to the Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility (LBNF) infrastructure and to the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE). The INC acts as an international consulting body to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Directorate and facilitates high-level global coordination across the entire LBNF and DUNE enterprise. The delegation within the INC is chaired by the DOE Office of Science Associate Director for High Energy Physics and includes the Fermilab Director in its membership. The Council convenes annually as needed and provides pertinent advice to the host funding agency (DOE), and to LBNF and DUNE through the Fermilab Director.​​

All information about INC meetings for the Long-Baseline Neutrino Program, including agenda and documents, can be found in the Indico pages (access requires authorization).

Chair: J. Siegrist
Secretariat (DOE): C. Ashton
Secretariat (FNAL): M. Hronek

LBNF/DUNE Resources Review Boards (RRB)​

The Resources Review Boards (RRB) are composed of representatives of all funding agencies that sponsor LBNF and DUNE, and of the Fermilab management. The RRB provides focused monitoring and detailed oversight of each of the Projects. The Fermilab Director in coordination with the DUNE Resources Coordinator defines its membership. A representative from the Fermilab Directorate chairs the boards and organize regular meetings to ensure the flow of resources needed for the smooth progress of the enterprise and for its successful completion. The managements of the DUNE Collaboration and the LBNF Project participates in the RRB meetings and make regular reports to the RRB on technical, managerial, financial and administrative matters, as well as status and progress of the DUNE Collaboration.

There are two groups within the RRB: RRB-LBNF and RRB-DUNE. Each of these groups monitors progress and addresses the issues specific to its area while the whole RRB deals with matters that concern the entire enterprise. The RRB will meet biannually; these meetings will start with a plenary opening session and be followed by RRB-LBNF and RRB-DUNE sessions. As DUNE progresses toward experimental operations, RRB-Computing sessions will convene.

All information about RRB meetings, including Agenda and documents can be found in the Indico pages (access requires authorization).

Chair: J. Lykken
Secretariat: M. Hronek