Step 1: Create Services Now Request

  • Open a Fermilab Services Now page
  • Click on "Request Something"​
  • Search for ​DUNE Computing
  • Under "DUNE ​Computing Service Request"​, click on "Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment" 
  • The right-hand-side column of the Computing Service Requests page is "Production". Select the appropriate type of request (currently Monte Carlo vs Data Processing Request)
  • ​​Select DUNE as the Virtual Organization
  • Enter a short description of your request
  • Enter the details of your request. Please include the following:​
    • ​Brief (one sentence) description of the purpose of the sample 
    • Requesting Physics Group
    • Level of processing requested (Gen, Sim, Reco, Other?)
    • Estimated total sample size (number of events)​

​Step 2: New Requests: Present in Production / Processing Weekly Meeting

Contact the Production Coordinators to schedule a presentation about your request.
The presentation should contain the following information:

  • Brief description of the motivation for the sample [helps the Production team suggest how to design the workflow]
  • Designate a contact person who will inspect / test run on the sample [if not presenter]
  • Timeline for sample request [generation needed for conference / publication / part of MCC effort / other]
  • Technical details: requested code version, location of fcl / driver files, any non-standard aspects of the sample
  • Estimated resources:
    • Number of events per final output file
    • Per-event processing time [if multiple stages, please break down per stage]
    • Per-output-file memory use [if multiple stages, please report per stage]